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Announce News Post #2209

Fixes and other adjustments

Written by: Garryn
Date: Friday, December 28th, 2012
Addressed to: Everyone

I've loaded various fixes and other adjustments, specifically:


- HAWK STARTLE should now correctly work indoors


- Beguile and Eviscerate now check for a wielded sword upon ticks, rather than immediately when unwielding one - this should allow swapping weapons without the dances stopping


- Death should now properly clear Engage

- Dying to Engage should no longer be showing weird messages


- Fixed a problem causing the raven-type entities to show no message


- Ranged root attacks now incur a 2-second immunity to Naturebinding attacks, similar to that given by other ranged attacks; in-room attacks are not affected


- Fixed the diagnose message for a flared nairat rune

- Ground runes now show a room message when they disappear


- SUMMON FIRE and SUMMON ICE now correctly require learning the appropriate ability first


- To avoid the name clash with the Block ability, disabling Taekate blocks is now done using BDB OFF, EVB OFF, and PNB OFF


- Telepathy equilibrium cost messages should now be displayed after the skill messages


- Mask effects added to AB WARDANCE WARMASK


- Added Envenom to the skill

- GORGE now prevents rebounding from forming

- WITHDRAW <weapon> is now available if you have impaled a target using Wyrmriding Charge

- WYRM CHARGE now moves you to the correct room if the target has moved away during the preparation

- WYRM ICEBLAST should now correctly freeze and trigger frostheart if appropriate

- BLACKEN and ICECOAT are now shown on Weaponprobe


- RING INVITE now works for off-continent targets, as long as communication with them is still possible

- Fixed various typos


Penned by my hand on the 16th of Vita, in the year 7 AM.

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