Information about Grashella from Imperian

Name: Grashella
Full name: Guardian-Farah Grashella Agarwaen, the Shaahri Spiritbane
City: Antioch
Guild: Axioun
Towne: (none)
Level: 108
Bashing level: 116
Questing level: 92
Achievement points: 419
Pk level: 76
Xp rank: 0
Description: She is a legendary athletic arel. She stands at a height taller than what original humans once stood, a truly amazonian figure with a bearing of proud strength and nobility that is impressive in both the obvious strength of the sharp lines of her muscular frame, and the sensual feminity evident just on looking upon her. Her build is quite powerful, with a well defined musculature rippling with each movement she takes, belying the active lifestyle of a well trained Warrior, giving her an air of power and authority yet each of her movements are performed with grace and dexterity that seems to fluidly blend the powerful figure with range of motion. She looks out at the world around her with shocking red irised eyes beneath a silken mane of bright, shimmering red hair lightly curing atop her head and trailing back over to hang low below her shoulders, well brushed and maintained to have a bit of bounce to it, framing two delicate ears and a stunningly beautiful face that would almost be handsome if not for the obvious feminine quality to the lines of her face. Stretched out behind her back are two glorious wings spread out in their feathery majesty, glimmering in the light with a pure white tinged with silver accents along the bony parts of each spanse, they seem to shine as though illuminated with a Divine light from within. For all the thick muscles of her form, there is no mistaking her sex even at first glance. Wide, flared hips with a thin waist coupled with a large and generous chest boasting a size easily more than a handful on all but the largest of beings despite the powerful musculature of her frame and abs, which only allows them to sit high atop her chest despite their size and offer a shapely hourglass figure, denoting a female figure as powerful in appeal as in raw physical strength.
Profession: Templar
Player kills: 55
Deaths: 112
Arena rank: 7504
Pvp rank: 0