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10.5 Basic City Commands

There are a handful of basic commands that most citizens may use. These are:

CITIZENS         : Shows will show you a list of your city's active citizens.
CITIZENS DORMANT : Shows you a list of your city's dormant citizens.
CWHO             : Shows you a list of of which of your city's members are
                   online, on the same continent and plane.
CT <blah blah>   : Talk on the city channel.
CTOFF            : Turn the city channel off.
CTON             : Turn the city channel on.
AIDES <ministry> : See who the aides to a particular ministry are. HELP <city>
                   will show you the Ministers and the Ruling Council.
CITYENEMIES [ALL]: Will show you a list of your cities official enemies.
CITY AMNESTY LIST: List all city enemies that currently enjoy amnesty.
READLOG <city>   : Read the general log of your city. See HELP LOGS.

CITYPOWERS/COUNCILPOWERS    : See the types of powers you have in your 
CITYPOWERS <position>       : See the types of powers a specific position has.
CITYPOWERS <position> AIDES : See the types of powers aides to a specific
                              position have.
CITYPOWERS ALLOWED          : See the total sum of powers allowed to your
                              city or council.

DEPOSIT <amount> <city> : Donates <amount> to your city. This must be done at
                          your city's bank.

CONTEST: This command allows you to contest a member of the ruling council for
         his or her position. HELP ELECTIONS will tell you more about this.

SUPPORT <player> AS <position> OF <city> : Support something for a position in
                                           your city that requires the support
                                           of the ruling council or ministers.

SUPPORTING <city> : See who you are supporting and for what positions.