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12.8.7 Lorka'ig

After centuries of turmoil between Lorka'ig and Transk, Gruarg and his commanders have packed up and moved. They have settled in a small camp just inside the village of Transk. With Gruarg gone the residents of Lorka'ig thought their troubles were over, till Grool and his caravan of misfits came waltzing in.

However, Grool is not the only problem Lorka'ig now faces. A mine was discovered in the northern hills where the dwarves from Kaark'krazul began mining, collecting the silver to help fund the war. When they hit the central chamber of the mine they were taken aback by a stunning crystal of immense power. The dwarves tried to harness this power and were struck down with an unknown force. They quickly rose again, and are now terrorizing the mine.