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Poetry News Post #988


Written by: Oystir Kyma'Dynesei, Ordinary Guy
Date: Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Addressed to: Everyone

she's so cold and she don't love me
one of us just must be ugly
high above me looking down
i'm gold in her sparkling crown
old days
now it's left from my doorways
i'm still saving up gold for more ways
thing i pray i won't dream about
thriller its chiller
wish fulfiller
kiss or kill her
gone enough to give her nothing
so tempted that its disgusting
i'm combusting i'm conflicted
had her heat and so addicted
each second i postpone it
abstain abduct dethrone it
buy out but never own it
all the treasures all unearthed
empty chests and all they're worth

on the floor no one's above me
pinpricks in my poisoned bloodstream
face is ugly - feeling phased,
faded, fragged and underpaid
the facts: a quick fix then i'll use it
smoke is fogging up all my music
sober stomach won't hold me back
quicker black sicker
that's the tripper
crack the liquor
got up high then sinking lower
mirror faced then i don't know her
i'm so hollow i can't kick it
sickly cycle self-inflicted
this pain is getting chronic
each lonely shadow's haunted
so save me someone want it
blackened heart and reddish gaze
guess i'm leaving for the daze

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Artificium, in the year 149 AM.

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