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Written by: Ressnik Mjollnir
Date: Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

First off, this is extremely hard to write without wanting to tear up and get emotional so imma keep it short. I started playing Imperian 9 years ago, and to this day has honestly been the only MUD I have ever been introduced to and played since then. I have my two friends, Justin and Matthew to thank for that. So many memories made, so many people met. I watched Imperian grow and evolve- and evolved with it. Its been an addiction of mine forever now. But all good things must come to an end I suppose. Its been great everyone. Truly. To those of who I have come across or had conflictions with I do apologize, you will be the ones I miss the most, in the end I think it will be you guys I miss the most. I always was a fighter, the moment I was a newbie and kicked the ghost in the wine celler in caanae. I really am going to miss you guys. So, thats it. Its been a blast.

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Tenebrae, in the year 118 AM.

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