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Retiring Dias

Written by: Sir Dias Tethe'alla
Date: Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

Hey everyone,

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I haven't really been around Imperian too much in the last few years for personal reasons, but also because I sort of lost the magic that the game had for me. I'm sure there will be some rejoice and all that with my leave for a few of you, but I hope for the majority of you, that I somehow impacted your life as many of you had done to mine.

I remember picking up into Imperian somewhere around my Sophomore or Junior year of high school when I still lived in Hawai'i (The ping was terrible). One of my first fond memories is of Stavros telling me everything was going to be alright after I had done something obscenely stupid within Antioch and the Justicars, only then to be slain a few times by Zenigra when the standing crescentcut was the ruler of PK.

I remember making lifelong friends that I eventually learned lived very close to me! Neko while I was in Hawaii, Aten,Sapp, and even Jeremy in my home state. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the notorious folk during Iron Con, such as Juganothion, who was probably one of the happiest and go-fun guys ever. I guess where I am getting at that is that people are generally different from the characters they portray in this realm. But this was a great outlet for me. I learned a whole lot of life lessons that had virtual consequence, but thankfully no physical consequences. I am grateful for some of those from Khizan, Ahkan, Zenigra, Septus, and an array of others who generally had an easy time whipping my ass back into its place.

Tl;Dr, I will miss Imperian and the vast amount of time I put into it and got out of it, and I might pop back on the forums for some good ol' hate from time to time. But, like I said in that Iron Con video, I love all of you. Thank you so much for everything, and keep making this game unique.


Jordan "Dias" Houghton

PS: If you guys want to reach out, you can find me on FB or shoot an e-mail to

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Vita, in the year 98 AM.

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