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Call to the Bards at Heart

Written by: Spiritspeaker Sealia the Soule
Date: Sunday, July 23rd, 2023
Addressed to: Everyone

Dearest Bards,

Fellows -

As many of you have noticed, the world has quieted. There is a sudden influx of retirement. Now more than ever, the world needs those who are Bard of Heart. There are many of you out there who never felt the pull to the guild but are a Bard never-the-less. I ask you to take on this mission:

Help me write our stories. Put those tales to pen and paper. Write stories. Write plays. Write sonnets. Compose songs. If that's not for you, then simply do the favour of telling your tale so we can write stories. Your stories matter.

Let's write down our histories. May there be a little immortality in that.

- Sealia Rhuidean
Soule of Music

Details: I want to put together one large tome to place in libraries throughout the world. The tome will be a shared history and readily available for those to come and reminisce. I will personally write as much as I can over the course of the next few years.

If anyone can assist in either creating their own media or gathering up stories for me to put to paper, it would make this project much more successful.

As Soule, I am encouraging Bards to move past circle lines and out into the world. I want them to hear tales from all walks of life. I want to hear great love, great loss, great joy, and great pain. I want to hear how history was made and how it was to fight beside the Gods. I want to hear moments of great revelation. I want to hear stories of the things that mattered. And everyone's story matters.

Please try your best to give me notice if you'd like to be be involved in this project within a year from this publish date.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Fas, in the year 315 AM.

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