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Public News Post #3651

A response to inquiry

Written by: Xzerizenabel Quintus
Date: Friday, May 13th, 2022
Addressed to: Everyone


you have written me extensively so I've thought to reply in public form so a record would be maintained. Firstly your message Bulwer, the tone leaves something to be desired and I no doubt imagine carrying out your promise to murder me until I capitulate is comming from a good place I do not bend to threats, I never have before and I won't now. That out of the way allow me to start thusly, if you have proof of any such act please do share it with me, I have been looking for some since the incident began. If you have a person who saw something I would love to speak to them to hear what they have to say on the subject matter. It wasn't a policy I set into motion that allowed others into the city, that was a policy already on the books before I took office. It wasn't my policy that had our quartz set to a priced below market value, that price was set before I took office. Regardless the moment I realized it was possible, though I still have no evidence it happened I locked the stores of quartz down to make sure no one could buy any without my direct permission. It was a vulnerability, and one I came to ask Kinsarmar for help resolving. Their answer was murder, and betrayal, they did not assist me in sussing out the issue or how to resolve it. Celidon has a right to it's own Sovereignty, Celidon has a right to forge it's own alliances, goals, and beliefs. You have no right to what our council produces, just as I have no right to any of the work your city produces. Of course we seek a friendly relationship with Kinsarmar, I have asked numerous times, I've written messages, posted on the news board and sent Alvetta letters attempting to discuss the situation but from the onset she decided she did not wish to speak to us regarding this situation. You ask of us to come to the table, to try and sort out our problems. I have been sitting here at the biggest table I can find for so long the tea has gone cold and the scones are now stale.


Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Naturalis, in the year 280 AM.

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