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Meets News Post #504

Re: In memory of Jebadiah

Written by: Ice Angel Morgaze Murne, The Frosted Gypsy
Date: Monday, August 23rd, 2021
Addressed to: Everyone

Seeing and reading Alvetta's post, I was still not ready or willing to admit it to myself. That woke me up. God love her for writing it. I know I couldn't. It took me this long just to let it sink in.

Jeb was one of the kindest, most patient individuals I have ever had the pleasure and joy to meet. He embodied the word Chivalry. There was rarely a time he even spoke ill of anyone and usually, the person was irritating the world, but he kept it quiet and never stirred up trouble if he could help it. I was married to him in-game for RL years. They were among the best experiences I have had in this mud to date. With both of us ill most of the time, I can't tell who held who up. He was just so kind and giving. We'd mostly talk about our pets along with what little else was going on. He was amazing with designs and what he did with his house was, to say it was beautiful, would almost an insult.

I had the honour to be part of his life here. I loved him and will miss him and all the special things about him.

He was so selfless, he let me go when he was too sick to do anything but autobash and try to get in Bosses with Alvetta. We'd still keep tabs and when that slowly faded, I would just look for him on Jebadiah or Benjamin. Then he stopped waking altogether.

Jeb did run Kinsarmar. Humbly. He enjoyed helping out. I think the only thing he ever complained about was taxes at the start of every game year. I think the only ones that may have ever heard those complaints are Alvetta and I.

Jebadiah has left a huge hole in this mud that no one can even hope to aspire to.

No amount of dedication, brilliance, patience, kindness, and sunny disposition that may come along from anyone else will ever reach the levels of care Jebadiah bestowed upon everything he said or did.

My grateful thanks once more to Alvetta. For everything.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Ferinus, in the year 259 AM.

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