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Meets News Post #474


Written by: Oystir Krax'ai, First Cavalry
Date: Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
Addressed to: Everyone

I want to apologize now for posting this on Meets. However, as I started making this a post for the forums, I became increasingly bothered about the situation and about how difficult this message would be to relay to the game through any other methods.


Maybe three or four times in the last week, a character in my guild who was apparently active many years ago, began to play. It was obviously casual for her, she didn't bother buying new vials or doing anything but gamble and joke around. I thought she was awesome, every time she logged on we'd joke around and talk.

Last night, it was just her and I online in the guild, and she mentions that she had been ordered to wear clothing by a member of my guild (non-sec), which is fair enough I guess. Apparently this is a city law which correlates to guild law somehow. That's all very well. I found this hilarious as a point of contention with a person who probably played for three hours over the course of a week after having not logged on in recent memory. We had a pretty good ribbing over the enforcement of such a law and I made an exemption for her, because.. come on.

This escalated quickly into something hugely out of proportion for the situation it was. Without details, several of my guildmates took to very rudely and loudly 'enforcing' this rule and it boiled down to three choices: 'be outguilded, dress up, or never enter a city'. On one hand, it seems like a pretty simple choice to make, and obviously just put on clothes and do roleplay. On the other hand, why should she? Is that really what Imperian has to offer her in her first six hours back from a long hiatus?

While my bickering guildmates were completely justified from a roleplay standpoint, and maybe completely in character about it, they took NO perspective about the fact that this is a game, and that naked sinner was a player, and that player COULD have been enticed and welcomed back into the game as a regular. What happened instead was that we joked around for another hour, and then I watched her gamble away all of her gold and log off. Why should she stay? Why should she come back?

Out of everything that has frustrated me in this game, the players tendency and willingness to drive others away has definitely peaked my anger on several instances. I just want to encourage us all to take a step back and remember that we are ALL here trying to have fun in the same game.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Letum, in the year 92 AM.

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