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Events News Post #320

The Triple Eclipse and Discovery of New Monoliths

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Monday, November 25th, 2019
Addressed to: Everyone

In Halitus of 205 AM, the world was shaken by a sudden and wholly unexpected event in the skies above Aetherius. Though most events in the heavens are predicted by astronomers, the sudden Triple Eclipse that occurred - the second in known history - came with no warning. As it continued to unfold, the very elements themselves seemed to come alive around the celestial event, with rock, fire, air, and water dancing in rings around the unified shape above. Just as suddenly as it began, however, the Triple Eclipse ended, but not before leaving the Aspects of the world with an urge to travel to the now revealed site of the Moon Forge, a metaphysical realm created by Eloweth using the power of the moons centuries before. With this new found site, the Aspects were able to take on new mantles - those of the elements themselves, channeled through the Moon Forge from the Elemental Planes.

As the Aspects continued to explore and build their strongholds, little more of note occurred for three years.

Then, in Tenebrae of 208 AM, the world was again shaken, but this time from below. A surge of power erupted from the Monoliths on Aetherius, culminating about the Moons above. After some time, the light died out, only to be echoed by eight shining beams seeming to come from the space beyond the Moons! The Aspects once again went to searching, and soon found echoes of the Aetherian Monoliths scattered on the Elemental Planes! As each was found, it bonded instantly with the Aspect that had found it, allowing them control of the monolith and buoying the other Aspects of their elemental attunement.

With eight new monoliths found, what other mysteries are present on the Elemental Planes? What mysteries do these Monoliths hold? Only time will tell.

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Solis, in the year 208 AM.

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