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Events News Post #314

A Calamitous Event

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
Addressed to: Everyone

"Upon the morn of the 11th day of Aequitas, the moon Moradeim, called by many as the moon of Change, lived up to that name, and brought a brilliant display upon the realm, as a multicoloured display of light traced across the land. With the declaration of the so-called High Priest of Moradeim, whose voice could be heard across the land, was the triumphant declaration that his beliefs were right."
- Excerpt from the journal of Anette Viantha

Drawn by the calamitous pull of the Moon of Change, Ihsan, Kabaal, Zerin, Zenigra, and Anette initially found the High Priest of Moradeim in the enigmatic Lost Forest. After some discussion those gathered learned he had, for many years, been investigating the surges of magick and Diachaim sometimes felt across the land.

What caused these surged he had wondered? Why were the energies engulfing the continent so unstable in some places, and perfectly normal in others?

The moon of Moradeim laid bare what he had long expected; its light revealed long lines of energy covering the world like veins. Streams of Diachaim crisscross the land, influenced by the different energies around them. Over time, these lines had taken an affinity to the energies around them, causing opposing forces to be repelled.

The priest explained that where these lines cross, an intersection is made and the forces pool like water - these pools are the root of what is known as area affinities. In most cases, these pools are neutral and nothing happens. In some cases, however, they are naturally turned towards a certain direction; Demonic, Magick, and Anti-Magick.

The priest then revealed his greatest knowledge. These intersections can be manipulated with the innate power of shards from the World Core, allowing for one to slowly change the affinity of some areas.

There was a problem with a single intersection though. In the Ravana hills rested a single unstable intersection.

It was then the fighting began.

Stavenn and her allies quickly rallied to the point and battled toe to toe with the enemies of the Empire. Ihsan, Ayden, Lartus, Mizae, Reikara, Elizabell, Caelbrook, Kabaal, Arutha, Etienne, Caelya, Zenigra, Sadey, Raya and a few others fought against the combined forces of Antioch, Ithaqua, Celidon and Kinsarmar. Septus, Siath, Dyun, Ichimoru, Grashella, Owyn, Zerin, Airamaya, and Theophilus assaulted the intersection, eventually winning control, but then fighting broke out amongst themselves.

At one point the mighty plague of the Nephilim bellowed out its challenge from within the hills. Released by Kabaal, this foul creature roamed the hills in search of prey. Despite the hope that it would distract the other forces in play, the creature instead further devastated the countryside of the Republic of Stavenn.

While the forces of Antioch and Stavenn continued their battle, Magick took their opportunity to secure as many leylines as they could. Caryssa, Curran, Alvetta, Owyn, Canavas, Jules, and Theophilus were able to double the number of leylines controlled by their circle during the ensuing chaos. After a protracted battle at the gates, great city of Stavenn and her allies managed to wrest control of the Ravana leyline once more. This time permanently.

It was then that Flagg, and Malignist of old approached the citizens of Stavenn and offered a ritual to call upon the moon once again. His purpose, he elaborated was to try and settle the unstable leyline intersection, or better yet, harness it for a greater purpose: the Glory of Stavenn. Ihsan, Lartus, Caelya, Arutha, Etienne and Ayden assembled for the ritual once the old fool had finished his research, and Ihsan lead the group in the creation of the pentagram that spelled their demise.

The ritual went horribly awry.

The leylines intersecting Ravana flashed over the doomed city, causing fissures of light and demon-laced magick burst upon the air around Stavenn as the Moon of Terror swung low in the sky.

The fissures widened, thinning the veil between this realm and the demon. From the crags and crevasses of light manifest hellish faces, their shrieks and taunting chitters filling the former Empire.

Howls of demons sweep through Stavenn, and like the shattering of glass, the veil between the realms collapses in on itself in one terrifying moment. Fully manifested, a horde of demons stood within the heart of the city, their triumphant laughter and the horrified screams of citizens filling the realm with a cacophonous hymn as fires spread across through the city.

In the end, the Material Realm asserted itself and snapped back into place, leaving behind deep wounds which now score the landscape.

The once glorious Empire was no more.

With the ruination of the city much is shrouded in mystery. As the newly homeless citizens scramble to make sense of their life, some have begun to question their purpose. Such was the case of the Diavlous Archknight Sagremor.

Zerin and Veratyr spoke indelicately to the homeless knight who stared out upon the ruins of the city he had served for so long. Urged to seek a new cause, perhaps in the city of Antioch herself, the knight grew enraged and and turned, leaving, to compose himself.

Where the once loyal servant of Stavenn has gone no one knows. Who else will pull themselves from the ruins of Stavenn?

What stories are left to tell? One thing can be certain: those tampering in the Demonic Realm should proceed with utmost caution. Or perhaps, better yet, be made to pay.

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Ultio, in the year 125 AM.

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