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Events News Post #300


Written by: Anonymous
Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

The Shade of Legion has once again descended upon the Physical world, this time focusing its attention on the unstable Nexus harbored in the Lost Forest. It is there Ahkan, Arina, Alvetta, Ohm, Jinna, Caelya, Mercer, Alexandra, Vasharr, Ozreas, Abigail, Katinel, Calais, Linslet, Cyr, Sadey, and Dimitri gathered to hear what deceptions the Shade spun this time.

Speaking of the great power contained within the Nexus, the Shade extolled of an influence that mortals cannot comprehend, but that they could help learn about, find, and release. The gathered mortals were, of course, suspicious of the Shade and its intentions. What half-truths has it told? What is its true motive and purpose? The only thing mortals could be certain of is the Shade is working only for himself and his master, Legion.

The Shade then fractured the Nexus, scattering hidden memories of Legion and Eloweth from within, each becoming fragmented to spread across the land as reflections. The Shade then told those gathered to collect the reflections and rebuild the memories of either Eloweth or Legion.

Some questioned why they should help it, some wondered if there were ways to disarm the Shade, or even kill Legion and his pawn. However, several mortals quickly begin to gather the reflections, the majority focusing on working to recreate one of Lady Arcane's memories.

The days ticked away, however, and a memory orb of Eloweth was finally pieced back together and placed at the Nexus. Touching the orb allowed mortals to relive the tumultuous birth of the Goddess as seen through Her eyes.

The Shade has hinted that more reflections will be released and that collecting them will help mortals gain access to the Nexus, allowing them to further learn what secrets it holds. Who can say for certain, though?

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Artificium, in the year 101 AM.

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