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Events News Post #294

The Tenth Monolith

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Tuesday, February 9th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

A great explosion erupted from the volcano in Yhumara, causing a rockslide within the underwater cavern. As the rocks cleared it revealed a cave, leading to the tenth, and final, monolith.

Hormack, of the Order of Sages, was thrilled to finally find the missing piece to centuries of work within the Order. Ageranu, Vasharr, Arakis, Oystir, Theophilus, Leighanna, Pellerin, Salik, Favrielle, and Mercer gathered to listen to Hormack speak of the monolith. He began deciphering the runes, however, only a few were legible.

As those gathered began to fight to control the monolith, the runes began to glow, allowing more information to be revealed. However, no one could settle on who should take the monolith, resulting in Arakis and Theophiluis continually fighting to the death.

After a few rounds, Hormack grew tired of waiting, so he told those gathered to tell him a number between one and one-hundred, resulting in Pellerin in the winning number! Yet, he could not control it, as he controlled another.

With a sigh, Hormack asked for more numbers, in which Mercer was picked! After the long wait, Mercer began controlling the monolith, allowing Hormack to decipher more of the runes upon its surface.

Once the monolith was captured it exploded into six pieces, each one flying through the air to land in the cities and councils throughout Aetherius! It is now up to them to rebuild the monolith in hopes the Sages can continue to learn more of how this tenth monolith plays part with the other nine.

Are you curious to learn more of the connection to the monoliths and the Core? Speak to Hormack to see what he has deciphered thus far.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Letum, in the year 98 AM.

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