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Events News Post #291

The Nightmare Plagues Unleashed

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Thursday, January 7th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

Much to the horror of much of the realm, Nightmare Plague after Plague was released onto the Prime Material Plane.

Sadey was the first to sacrifice herself and the Wickerman descended upon in the Nogba Wetlands where it bellowed challenge after challenge until Olorina landed the killing blow. Next came the Blood Wyrm, drawn forth by Septus's blood, who was released in the Shaahri desert. Though Antioch deemed it a pet for a while, a group was eventually roused to kill the beast, with Wysrias left holding its corpse when the sand settled.

The shade's next third plague, Black Tortoise, was mercifully contained within the altar, as well as the fourth plague of the Horned One. Much to the consternation of the shade and its followers, that left Iniar and Jules's sacrifices in vain.

Khizan's bones drew fifth the Beholder, who was then slain by an intrepid Ario, and Dreacor's death unleashed a horrifying creature known in its own right as the Nightmare. Olorina once more landed the killing blow upon the plague, ending its reign of terror.

Oystir sacrificed himself to release the seventh plague, the Nephilim, an ungainly and inelegant creature whose final breaths were finally drawn to a still by the final touch of flame from Caelbrook. Tarvon saw to the eighth ritual which summoned the Cyclops who was ultimately brought down by a blow from Alvetta.

The ninth plague was caused by Menoch, resulting in the Reaper. Olorina again landed the final blow upon the dastardly Rashirmir invader, and then came the shade's final ritual. With the aid of Tahm, Xeron, and Siath, a portal tore open to reveal the final plague: the Watcher. In the confusion and mayhem that followed, the over-abundance of Diachaim used by the shade split the ancient altar nearly in half, though undeniably altering any further potential it may possess.

With the altar's cracking, the captured plagues of the Black Tortoise and the Horned One escaped into the realm, though swift action lead Olorina and Ario to bring the final blows upon the creatures and see them to an early grave.

As the dust has settled, it seems Champions are forever changed through the shade's ritual and the cracking of the altar, now linked intrinsically to the Nightmare Plagues. Mortals are now able to channel Diachaim themselves and build boneyards from the deaths of other Champions, allowing them to release the plagues once more to torment their enemies.

It can only be speculated what the Legion will do next.

The world waits.

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Naturalis, in the year 95 AM.

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