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Events News Post #289

Return of the Legion?

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

It was a cold morning that Aetherius awoke to the very ground shuddering and shaking beneath their feet. Down below, in the bowels of Dis, they soon learned the Legion of the Fallen has not been quiet in his occupation of the underworld. Pulling a shade from his body, the Legion tasked it to prove itself to him, and sent it hurtling to the Prime Material Plane.

The shade dug through the earth furiously to reach Caanae and then shot through the sky like a black comet to land in the Shaahri desert. There, the little shade trundled into the ancient temple which once housed the Hammer of the Gods, and slowly made its way to the altar. The previous inhabitants, the undead Horde from an Age past, met the shade with hostility. Raising his staff high, Thugdagh the giant attempted to remove their visitor, but after flash of green light nothing remained dead or undead inside the temple walls, except the shade.

Making its way to the altar, the shade called upon a flow of Diachaim, though to its dismay found it was not strong enough to further manipulate its flow. Swiftly, it turned to the mortals of the world, imploring them to help and offered promises of power. Tomas, the Architect, attempted to foil the shade, but found himself flung from the temple and back into Caanae.

Antimagick swiftly showed up to answer the shade's cries, and after some squabbling with demonic, Sadey sacrificed herself at the shade's behest. The ritual started, the shade sent its helpers into the world to empower its ritual with bones. In the midst of this, it seems Alekmanhala has balked in receiving his supply lines from the North, and they were swiftly shut down to ascertain what threat or aid the shade might be.

Slowly latching on to the shade's plan, however, Tomas pieced together the shade required bones for its ritual. He then begged the world to bring bones to him instead, so he might divert the Diachaim flow the shade was manipulating in an attempt to stop it.

What will break through once the shade's ritual is complete? Only time will tell if Tomas and his followers can stop the shade's plan.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Ultio, in the year 94 AM.

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