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Events News Post #288

Ice Golems

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
Addressed to: Everyone

With a sudden shout from the Yhumaran Volcano by an unknown golem named Heatek, ice golems began to trudge down Storm Peaks, much to the surprise of mortals everywhere. Used to run supplies from unknown northern allies, the ice golems were said to contain caches of wondrous goods, intended for use by Alekmanhala's minions in his eternal quest to rule the continent.

Thankfully, the golems are quite slow, and Caelya of Khandava found them trudging along. She then found Heatek within the Volcano and became quite dubious as to the instructions she received from the golem. Confusing her to be one of his master's slaves, the golem instructed her to fetch the golems, though Caelya quickly scuttled off to speak to Anastazy, son of Morthil, instead.

Sroath spoke with with Heatek, who was informed that if he assisted him, he could find the caches carried by the golems and could drag them to slowly ensure they reach the Volcano.

Anastazy provided directions to kill the ice golems coming from the Storm Peaks, before they could reach Heatek, and that the golems carried supply caches could be looted with special magma picks to thwart Alekmanhala's efforts.

Caelya, Kanthari, Mercer, and Wysrias then fashioned several magma picks with guidance from the scorched, Anastazy, and went out into the world to disrupt the golems.

Finding one swiftly, the group of adventurers quickly assaulted the golem, striking the icy construct down to reveal the cash hidden inside. With their trusty picks, they then whittled away at the cache until it burst open beneath a final swing from Kanthari, revealing its hidden goodies.

What does Alekmanhala want with those supplies? Only time may tell, but it is known that attacking the golems and pilfering their cache will brand one an enemy to Alekmanhala, and that those who deliver the caches to Heatek will find themselves enemied to the Core.

The mortals who desire to thwart Alekmanhala have been guided by Anastazy to craft a pick beneath his guidance, and then PICK CACHE when an ice golem is located and destroyed. For those who desire to aid the Mad King, they have been instructed to protect the golems with their lives. Should they fail, then the cache should be DRAG CACHE <dir> to pull it to Heatek for a reward.

Which side will you choose?

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Letum, in the year 93 AM.

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