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Events News Post #287

The Missing Bowman - Hide Noir Heir

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
Addressed to: Everyone

It came to light that the Warden's infamous fletcher, Ferenc Fellshot, had been missing from the Keep for well over a month. Calais Redwinter noticed Ferenc's absence when he failed to report to work, and asked the Fury, Larkin Athisia, if he knew anything about him taking time off. This being news to Larkin as well, the two brothers consulted with Ulf for any idea of where their fletcher might of wandered off to.

Ulf was relunctant to share his knowledge with them at first, though once they told him about his disappearance, he spilled the beans. Seems the old vagabond frequented Kadar as a place of respite during his downtime, leading to the unexpected birth of his first (known) heir, a daughter by the name of Israi Fellshot. Embarrassed to tell his brothers he had a daughter, Ferenc had been sneaking off to train her what he could. He had high hopes that she'd make herself far more valuable than to end up just another idle companion of Kadar, and find a place for herself in Ithaqua proper.

Calais and Larkin tracked Israi down in a cave within Kadar. Unmistakably identical in appearance and attitude, there was no doubt this was her. They found out that he'd just returned from taking her on her first hunting trip. The last time he'd been seen was leaving her to return to the Keep. Not only did he not show up to the Keep, but he never returned to help Israi finish preserving the antlers of the first buck she'd slain with her bow.

The three agreed to remain vigilant and scout for signs of his disappearance. Has Ferenc fell off the wagon, a common story to be told in Ithaqua, or is there more behind this?

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Bellum, in the year 90 AM.

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