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Poetry News Post #990


Written by: Ohm Amaranthine
Date: Thursday, August 9th, 2018
Addressed to: Everyone

A mirror of soul
It entices, it teases
Emotions, unfathomed
Raw, unfettered

Shattered, countless
Pieces, precious
I walk on them
I live through them

Uncontrollable, inconsolable
It begs, it rages
It craves, It demands
Lost, forever

The mirror, I gaze
The reflection, hollow
Visage, emotionless
Immortal, wounded

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Aequitas, in the year 170 AM.

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Imperian is 100% Free to Play

Imperian has made the switch to a completely “free-to-play” game. Your characters may earn up to 20 credits per day through a variety of different means. For example, you can earn credits by: Completing a Spawnwave area. Killing boss mobs. Being a Champion. Controlling monoliths Pillaging caravans. Participating in raids and obelisks. Collecting shards. You…
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Story Producer Position

Imperian¬†is searching for a volunteer story producer. This position comes with a host of responsibilities and is not paid. As you know we are transitioning Imperian from a F2P game to completely free. We’re searching for someone who loves Imperian, IRE, and MUDs in general. This person loves storytelling and taking on a “dungeon master”…
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Big Changes on Imperian

NOTE: We have pushed the implementation date from the 1st of August to the 15th of August. Imperian’s activity has been slowing the last couple of years. Players have been transferring to the other IRE games. Retirement has allowed players to group together on larger games and is a behavior we expected. Fear not, Imperian…
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