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Written by: Krator
Date: Friday, February 12th, 2021
Addressed to: Everyone

Hi community of Imperian.

First and mostly important, I am awfully sad that we lost even a single player due reasons only the players themselves (without the help of others to point out) know and decide to share with the community, doesn't matter if its a friend or foe, ANYONE.

Secondly, you may try to point fingers and tell people that they are responsible of this and that but in the end the result will remain, we are super-small community that is so utterly in need of every single player to be fun (note fun for everyone, not just those who want to PK, AFK, RP, Craft or whatever).

Asmund wanted to point out a few key-things for him that he felt was a reason enough to leave. I will leave the raid incident alone since I was not there, I have heard all sides and all stories and I have my own conclusion on the actual event. Without pointing fingers I will just say this: It was a single raid. Meaningless kills that doesn't affect any players more than in time and short term anger over dying from the biggest group raiding in Imperians short and longterm history. I would LOVE to see that many people engage in anything in the game again.

Now what I have noticed, is the difference in attitude. Towards each others as players and how people view issues and jumping between OOC and IC. People seemed to stop point out problems when they occur and instantly jump the conclusion of bug-abuse and bad intent, they aim at people with issues like a sword instead of aiming at the problem and try to get them fixed for a better gameplay.

Now as for Asmunds point on discord. I jumped in and looked at the Imperian discord channel and the discussion (not even a discussion, an awful show I'd call it) about that specific raid was reason enough for me to understand that it is awfully toxic and harmful for the game. What was even worse and horrible to me was to hear a moderator take part of that polarizing by claiming it was "distateful" by the raiders, without being part of it, being part of the game, that's not your role as a moderator!
Now you might want to defend Skuf but you added to an already awful discussion in a really bad manner.

It was also really sad to hear people state that others should have issued people before if they used something so they could be punished and the discussions about players that was not even on discord. This mentality as mentioned earlier, to actually AIM at people and try to get them punished instead of trying to solve the problem. Maybe, just maybe the person doing something didn't want to abuse it? Maybe it was just wrong and an oversight with the actual game that can be adjusted if announced?

If some of those people in that discord channel took even half of the energy to actually do things in the game instead of fighting over discord in one-directed discussions only trying to point fingers and blame each others then perhaps things would be different, but at this point it adds nothing and is just something that made people unable to separate OOC from IC. Remove it, make people actually communicate and do things in the game again.

I might have read Jeremy's post completely wrong, I don't know, but people might have missed that the "don't be a douch" and "spirit of the game" is not to scream ISSUE over a single death, over how some people in the game don't wanna play like you want them. Issues is OOC for when there is NO chance to solve an situation, it is an extreme last resort, not to be taken lightly and what has gone out of hands is that people is allowed to continue to issue people like a weapon.

Personally I even had people threating me with IC tells about issues because they died a single deaths over a perfect valid reason, that attitude, is what makes us lose players AND take up all the time for the admins over the most petty of things.

We all scream, we all say bad things and we all mess up and behave badly, that's normal, only thing we can do is to try better.

But if we don't shape the hell up and start caring about each others as actual players and treat each other with the respect of understanding that we need players to have a game to even play, then we are truly in the gutter.

Thanks for taking the time and try to actually take the time to read what I write, it is NOT my intention to blame anyone but some things are also the truth and I cannot conceal that without failing to make my point.

/Player behind Krator

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Tenebrae, in the year 244 AM.

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