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Events News Post #322

The Rumbling Below

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Monday, February 17th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

An unexpected rumbling was heard beneath the soil of Aetherius this month, followed by grinding. This seemed to herald an anomaly in the protection around the Core, as distant volcanoes spewed shards into multiple areas around the continent almost simultaneously!

These shardfalls were accompanied by armies of Horde, proceeding at the apparent order of Urzog, the Scourge King. Even as the horde seemed to be showing a new strange interest in the fallen shards, others of their numbers began invading the cities and councils of Aetherius - whether as an attack, or a distraction, one can't tell.

What is clear, though, is that the Horde is on the move, and they seem to be digging...

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Vita, in the year 215 AM.

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