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Announce News Post #3842

Arrow Prizes and a FREE Bonus

Written by: Jeremy
Date: Friday, February 1st, 2019
Addressed to: Everyone

I've added a full prize list to HELP ARROWS. Gold tier rewards have a very, very good chance of snagging you a high end prize.

Bonus: Anyone who has logged in at some point in the last 60 days just received a free arrow!

Possible Arrow Prizes
- 25 to 1000 Credits
- Gladiator Tickets
- a multi-facet gem
- a bottle of hot air
- a dispersing charm
- a sonic emitter
- an oblong transmitter
- a phantom beacon
- Earrings
- a glowing soulgem
- a glass cutting tool
- an accountant's book
- a divination crystal
- a fish charm
- Hex Cards
- Ancestral Chips
- Ancestral Racestones
- an ornate dictation pen
- a crystal pendulum
- a slippery sllih-hide cloak
- a crooked eyeglass
- a squirt bottle
- a chaotic crystal
- a quicksilver top
- a tombstone of Life
- a pet licence
- a headshrinker's kit
- a pair of ivory dice
- a silver spoon
- a glass of aura magnification
- a Neelamic reservoir
- an Anklet of Dashing
- a dagger of reincarnation
- a gem of radiant offering
- a pair of Renascent Armguards
- Gloves of Harvesting
- a silver-weave pack
- an iridescent inkpot
- a set of silver bracelets
- a hunter's belt
- a blood pendant
- a pair of Ogre's Gauntlet
- a Scholar's Sash
- Pixies' Boots
- a Diadem of the Quickening
- a brass circumferentor
- a steelweave surcoat
- a set of diamond bracelet
- a golden band of Baar
- an Illuminas ring
- a Quicksilver Amulet
- a Girdle of the Titans
- a Gem of Transmutation
- a Collar of Gazali
- Gauntlets of Aesir
- a Sash of Wisdom
- Boots of Dexterity
- a Sash of Malkav
- Ethereal Boots
- a Girdle of Aesir
- a pair of Seraphim Angel Wings

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Aequitas, in the year 184 AM.

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