Character Professions

Imperian offers many professions that you can adopt and learn as you advance your character. Each profession gives you a set of three different skills. Your skills are a major defining feature of who you are in Imperian. Are you a magick user? A magick hater? Do you wish to summon a personal army of demons? Do you put your faith in the strength of your Fayth or in the strength of the sword? Do you find refuge in a protected grove or within the walled cities? There are thousands of similar questions, easily answered by the skills you specialize in.

Magick Anti-Magick Demonic
Bard Amazon Assassin
Druid Monk Defiler
Hunter Outrider Deathknight
Mage Predator Diabolist
Renegade Priest Summoner
Runeguard Ranger Wytch