Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.


11.1 Entities         Some information about the Entities of Imperian.
  11.1.1 Tonrar        Tonrar, the Hopebringer
  11.1.2 Nimtiel       Nimtiel, Lord of the Tide
  11.1.3 Tavreth       Tavreth, Flame of Hope
  11.1.4 Myfanwe       Myfanwe
  11.1.5 Vespasien     Vespasien, the Veiled Underking
  11.1.6 Legion        The Legion
  11.1.7 Urzog         Urzog, the Scourge King

11.2 Cults            Basic information about Cults
  11.2.1 Charters      How to start your own Cult
  11.2.2 Rituals       Different Rituals your Cult can use

11.3 Sects            Basic information about Sects
  11.3.1 Rituals       Different Rituals your Sect can invest in
  11.3.2 Temples       How to build a temple for your Sect
  11.3.3 Privileges    What kind of powers are associated with Sects
  11.3.4 Structure     How to set up your Sect

11.4 Dead Deities     Information on the Dead Gods and Entities of Imperian
  11.4.21 Dianos       Dianos
  11.4.22 Hastati      Hastati, the Oracle of Conquest
  11.4.23 Olanre       Olanre
  11.4.24 Zaimael      Zaimael, the Hated
  11.4.25 Samaos       Samaos, the Dread Flame
  11.4.26 Isra         Isra, the Wild Huntress
  11.4.27 Kavar        Kavar
  11.4.28 Keyrix       Keyrix, the Ravenous One
  11.4.29 Lazal        Lazal, the Empyrean
  11.4.30 Miriel       Miriel
  11.4.31 Nyrohi       Nyrohi, the Undying
  11.4.32 Svorai       Svorai, the Revitalizing Spirit
  11.4.33 Xuli         Xuli, the Storm-forged
  11.4.34 Esmyrsia     Esmyrsia
  11.4.35 Nenmeri      Nenmeri

11.5 Essence          The Essence of the Entities

11.6 Shrines          Use Shrines to spread your Cult or Sect.
  11.6.1 Relics        Relics are placed in Shrines for special powers.

11.7 Favours          Favours and disfavours Entities can grant to players.