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Cold and silent, and shrouded in snow, Ithaqua is a harsh and bleak place, wrought with danger. Surrounded by the low-lying mountains, Ithaqua was lost to the world of Aetherius for centuries until a band of exiled Khandavans came upon it. Accepted by the old war-hound, Fenrir Lyesmith, they rebuilt the ruined village upon the ideals of its people and ancient bloodlines.
Ithaqua stands now for the unbroken wilderness, completely free and untainted by magick that twisted the first villagers in ages past. Once founded upon the teachings of Death, Wrath, Madness, and Ruin - Ithaqua marks a new path free of magick and demons. Long since abandoned by the gods and goddesses of those ways, Ithaqua draws a deep hatred towards Them and seeks the end of Their domain and any related to the corruption of magick. Magick is seen as more than a mere tool for destruction in the hands of the wielder, but as a crutch that leads to weakness. It is dangerous, unpredictable, and the very wood rejects its vile presence.
Ithaquans are known for their tact and survival capability - resorting to cannibalism in order to ensure their continued life, and reveling in it as a sacrament to the spirits which still make their presence known through spiritualistic arts. Ithaquans value their freedoms and venture outside of their home to ensure they remain. There is a dark and terrible hunger in those woods - the wolves, the pines, that cold and hateful wind, the Wendigo - these are the teeth and soul of Ithaqua.