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Sigils are small, magickal symbols that may be attached to items, or dropped on the ground. They have a variety of effects. For instance, a fist sigil makes an item safe from certain attacks that try to rob you of items. You may obtain sigils from the marketplace in Kinsarmar.

For those sigils which must be attached to something, the syntax is simply
ATTACH <sigil> to <whatever>.

When ATTACHED to an item, it cannot be knocked out of your inventory easily.

When on the ground in the location you are in, this will prevent most forms of instant teleportation into the room. If a devotion user uses Consecration in a room with a monolith sigil, the monolith will be destroyed.

Throwing a monolith sigil at the ground will reduce the remaining time left on a consecration by 3 in game months at a balance cost. Once it reaches 0, the consecration is destroyed.

When ATTACHED to an item, the item will not be able to be wielded,  picked up, given away, or put anywhere. In other words, you will be able to drop the item, and that will be it. You won't be able to get it afterwards. If you don't drop the item, then it will be safe in your inventory insofar as no one will be able to order you to give it away in any manner, but you won't be able to give it to someone voluntarily either.

The key sigil is a peculiar, and eminently useful sigil. Drop it in a room, and when anyone leaves that room, it will automatically shut and lock the doorway (if there is one) that you passed through.

When ATTACHED to all but the biggest objects, this sigil will cause a magickal explosion, annihilating both the sigil and whatever it was attached to.

When thrown at a ground it creatse a magickal sphere that will warn you whenever anyone enters or leaves the room. Only one sphere can exist in  a room at a time.

The knife sigil can negate several defences that would prevent the detection of the target's present location. Once thrown, this effect  will last for several minutes.

Usable only by those with the Runeguard profession active, they part the water in the room when thrown at the ground.

When on the ground, an eye sigil will prevent souls from entering the room. On the other hand, when thrown at the ground, (i.e. THROW EYE AT GROUND), an eye sigil will disappear in a flash of light and pull all phased and blackwinded people back into phase with reality.