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6.24 Organizataional Help Files

As much as our help file system documents, it will never even approach fully covering everything there is to know in Imperian, as much of that knowledge is player-created and ever-changing. In order to facilitate the passing of information from older players to younger players, and to assist in the creation of a culture within these organizations, cities, guilds, clans, cults and sects can create organizational helpfiles. The commands are as follows:

CITYHELP EDIT <file name>
- Can be done by ruling council, and any Minister. Creates or edits a help file with that name. Note that underscores are not necessary for two word orghelp names.  If you do include them, they will just be translated to spaces automatically.

- Note you can add colors in orghelp files. See HELP COLORS.

- You may also add MXP LINKS to orghelp files. Just surround the command in ^ symbols. For example ^PATH FIND CAANAE^.

CITYHELP RENAME <filename> <new name>
- This will rename an existing file to a new file name. If you have several files with similar names, you may want to replace any spaces in the file name with underscores, in order to specify the file. For example, CITYHELP RENAME CITY RULES CITY GUILDELINES.

- Can be done by ruling council, and any Minister. Deletes a help file with that name.

- Shows you an index of city help files.

CITYHELP <file name>
- Shows you a particular city help file.

The syntaxes for the other organizations are the same, except the root verb is: GUILDHELP, CLANHELP, CULTHELP, SECTHELP, TOWNEHELP or FAMILYHELP.

In guilds, GMs and Secretaries can edit and delete. In Clans, only the clan head and those bestowed with the ability may do it. In cults, the Cult leader, and in sects - the Entity and those with the 'secthelp' privilege may edit files.