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19.18 Immortal Promotions

**This system is currently inactive, any updates on this system will be updated via news post.**

Becoming an Immortal

So you're thinking about applying to be a Celani? Well, before you do, you need
to know what you're getting yourself into. First, a little history about why we
have Celani is needed.

To help with the transition from Mortal to God, we have two levels of immortals
 who are not Gods: Celani and Demi-Gods. One starts out as a Celani, is
promoted to Demi-God, and from there, to Minor God. The word 'Celani' means
'Servant' in the immortal tongue, and that is quite literally what Celani are.
They are there to spend some time serving Imperian, before gaining the power
and privilege of being a full God.

As a Celani, you actually have less power in a way than a mortal. If this
doesn't sit well with your ego, you probably aren't cut out to be a God, as the
Gods exist, from an out-of-character perspective, to serve Imperian as a whole.
(Things are very different from an in-character perspective, of course.) Celani
have no role but service, and the only reward for it, aside from the pleasure
you might take in helping Imperian, or in building areas, is the chance to play
a God later. You can't "play" Imperian as a Celani/Demi-God, and you're not
even allowed to fraternize with the mortals, in the hopes that you will learn
to stop thinking as a mortal and start thinking as a God.

We don't mean to make it sound as if you're a slave, because some Celani really
enjoy what they do, and work hard to earn the privilege of Godhood as quickly
as possible. Others quickly flake out, discovering that we weren't lying about
the work involved.

For those interested, the guidelines below should give you an idea of what is
required to make it from Celani to Minor God.

 Promotions For Celani and Demi-Gods
1) Celani to Demi-God Promotions.

   - Must provide regular help to Gods who request it, if you're able.

   - Must complete a small building project. There is no exception to this
     promotion requirement, as all Gods must have some building knowledge.

   - Must consistently demonstrate maturity, an ability to follow our rules
     meticulously, and generally have a good attitude. We want to work with 
     people that are pleasant to work with.

2) Demi-God to regular God Promotions

   - Same requirements as Celani: Regular help, complete other projects. They
     do not have to be building projects, as we're also looking for
     roleplayers, coders, and people are are just creative in the way they
     would like to help make Imperian fun for all of its players.

   - What we really want to see here is that you've committed yourself
     to the Pantheon, and have undergone the appropriate paradigm shift
     from mortal to Immortal.