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Hunting is a skill composed of four types of abilities:
   Setting traps
   Summoning animal guardians
   Weapon abilities
   Survival abilities

 - Each trap is constructed of commodities. When laying a trap, you must have
   the required commodities (listed in the AB HELP files) in your inventory.

 - Traps get laid in directions. The general syntax is LAY <trap> <direction>.

 - Traps are set off _only_ by those on your enemies list. They will be set
   off when someone either enters or leaves the room by the direction you

 - Some traps will stop movement when sprung. For instance, if you are leaving
   a room with a snare trap in it set to the direction you are leaving, you
   will set off the snare before you leave the room, and it will prevent you
   from moving.

 - The animals you summon may be ordered about with the commands in

 - If you leave Imperian and do not come back quickly, they will disappear back
   into the forest.

 - You may call your summoned animals to you with CALL ANIMALS.

 - You can dismiss you animals with DISMISS <animal>.

 - When you gain the skill of hunting, you are given the axe proficiency.

 - These abilities assist you in surviving out on your own.

Hunting is used by the Outrider (HELP OUTRIDER) profession.