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24.27.2 Amulets

Warding amulets are a promotional item that can be created using multi-faceted gems. Gems can be traded between players, but amulets are bound to an owner, and cannot be transferred. These gems are also used in the creation of scepters and goggles. (See HELP SCEPTERS and HELP GOGGLES)

If you are in possession of a suitable gem, you can do AMULET CREATE to create a level 1 amulet. This can only be done once - you cannot have more than one amulet.

Once you have an amulet, you can use more multi-faceted gems to upgrade the amulet - simply ADD <gem> TO AMULET. Each gem increases the amulet's level by 1, up to a maximum of 20.

Every amulet can hold 100 'charge' points. An amulet is charged when you are attacked by a mobile, and the charge will dissipate if you are not being attacked. Player loyal entities and guards do not generate charge. The more damage you take the quicker you will generate charge.

The amulet will passively activate once it has sufficient charge and will then has a 40 second cooldown. Each further gem added to a amulet reduces this cooldown by 1 second. The effects of the amulet are completely random, however you can attempt to attune an amulet to a specific action once it reaches level 6. At level 18 you can attempt to activate two effects per flare.

You can get basic information about your amulet with the command AMULET INFO. You can get just charge information with AMULET CHARGE.

1: SOOTHE - 20 charge. Heals a small amount of health.

2: PULSE - 20 charge. Regain a small amount of mana.

3: AMULET RESHAPE - Randomize the desc for the amulet, includes owners name at level 20. The possible names get progressively better the higher level of the amulet. 

4: BURN - 30 charge - Set alight the next replica to hit you, the one that caused charge to hit max.

5: BLAST - 40 charge - Knocks down the next replica to hit you.

6: AMULET ATTUNE <effect or off> - Attempt to attune your amulet to a specific effect. Will have a 50% chance of flaring that effect, rather than a random effect. Like scepter attune, takes time to come into effect. Has a 30 second cooldown.

7: RENEW - 35 charge. Heals significantly more than soothe. 

8: SCREEN - 30 charge. Gives you a damage shield. The shield will absorb a portion of damage against you, and then crumble. If you still have the shield when the SCREEN effect flares again, it replaces the existing shield. Only one shield can be present on a character at a time.

9: AURA - 30 charge. Heals you and any allies present.

10: CHILL - 30 charge - Freeze the last replica that hit you.

11: AMULET ATTUNE <effect> - Now has a 70% chance to fire the chosen effect.

12: SHELTER - 50 charge. Gives a damage shield like SCREEN to you and allies in the room. 30 second cooldown.

13: HEATWAVE - 50 charge. Damages any aggro replicas present and might set them alight. 5 targets max. 30 second cooldown.

14: LIGHTNING - 50 charge. A shield similar to the SCREEN effect, but any replica attacking you takes lightning damage whilst the shield is up.

15: Attuning is now instant, and the amulet will only flare the attuned effect. Still has a 30 sec cooldown.

16: BULWARK - 50 charge. A shield similar to SCREEN, but it absorbs a greater portion of the damage dealt against you and lasts much longer.

17: ENRAGE - 50 charge. Causes any aggro creatures in the room to switch their target to you for the next 15 seconds, instead of anyone else. 

18: AMULET ATTUNE <effect1> <effect2>  - Your amulet can be attuned to two effects at once. Both will fire when charge hits max. 50% chance of attunement when doing two.

19: REJUVENATE - 50 charge. Heals you for a large amount and can push your health past max. 30 seconds cooldown.

20: Double attunements are now instant and have no cooldown. Per-effect cooldowns still apply. Additionally, amulet will not lose charge when out of combat.