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12.14.21 A Veiled Chaparral

Utilizing blood magick, this dark practitioner feels everyone must be   
subjugated or destroyed. Even those he recruits to help him are         
considered mere pawns and he knows he'll simply use them in his         
experiments once they outlive their usefulness.                         
Fearing persecution and his work being destroyed, he called upon his    
dark magicks to seemingly destroy his area and blanketing the area with 
murky mist. For those who finally enter the depths of his depravity,    
they will find three levels of horror.                                  

First is the ground level mist where his twisted creations still roam.  
The first sub-ground area will be where his deformed human servants are 
kept. The last sub area will be where he continues to work his          
experiments. A journal describes his work and his need for the Roots of 
Life to fuel his magick. Once he achieves enough, he will bring about a 
twisted creature that he hopes will ensure the worlds destruction.