The Sidhe

After the Sylayan were rediscovered by the world, many decided to live within the confines of the city once more. Slowly these 'city elves' became known as the Sidhe. Still marked by their unearthly agility and amazing intelligence, the Sidhe have definitely become a race of their own.

Starting Statpack: Intelligent.

Languages: Common, Sidhe.

Racial Skills:

  • Infravision.
       Infravision lets you see in the dark.
  • Eavesdrop (Level 25).
       Allows you to eavesdrop on conversations in nearby rooms, even through closed doors.
       Usage: EAVESDROP <direction>.
  • Alertness (Level 50).
       Be notified whenever someone moves into any adjacent room.
       Usage: ALERTNESS ON/OFF.