The Player Races of Imperian

When the moon of Imperian shattered into three splinted spheres; powerful transforming, magick spewed across the land. This force took hold upon the humans of the land, producing several new races upon the continent of Aetherius. These new races created even greater division among mortalkind. Prefering to live with their own kind, new villages sprung up across the land. Larger, existing cities became a melting pot of new races. While some prejeduce took place, a tense tolerance exists for the time.

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Akrabi Akrabi Xiur Xiur Dwarf Dwarf
Kohdon Kohdon Lamira Lamira Lycaean Lycaean
Muamrite Muamrite Norrjin Norrjin Sidhe Sidhe
Ssylsin Ssylsin Sylayan Sylayan Tanari Tanari