The Guilds of Imperian

A guild is a formal organization of players bound together by an ideology and class. (See the page on classes to read more about Imperian's professions).

Along with this generally comes a guild house for the guild members to relax and study in, as well as a hierarchy within the guild.

Imperian has an array of Guilds, to learn more about them, click on the name of the guild below.

Abhaen Animists Ansheri
Bards Crusaders Dunestriders
Frostbringers Hunters Idras
Lorekeepers Mages Noctusari
Revenants Saboteurs Silvari
Spectres Stormweavers Taekyon
Tzolkin Wardancers Wardens

A guild has a number of positions associated with it. These are:


The elected head of the guild. Appoints the Patron, Secretary, and Head of Novices.


Appointed by the Guildmaster, a Secretary has almost all the powers of a Guildmaster.

Head of Novices

Appointed by the Guildmaster, the Head of Novices is responsible for ensuring that guild novices get taken care of. He or she may and should appoint a number of aides to help.


The Patron of the guild is a God, chosen by the Guildmaster. The God's role is to guide the Guild, act as the Guild's representative to the Garden, and perform a couple functions that only the Patron can perform.

Guildranks and Powers

Each guild has 20 ranks within it, each with its own rank title. For instance, as an Bloodborn, you might find your guild rank to be "A Hemic Master ." A Syssin might find his guild rank to be, "a Defender of the Ice Gate ", while a Magi might be "a member of the Council of Elemental Purity." As ranking members of the guild 'guildfavour' or 'guilddisfavour' you, your rank will slowly go up and down.

With certain ranks in a guild come certain powers. For instance, the ability to read the guild log, or to hand out guild favours and disfavour.

The Guilds

The Abhaen

Class: Predator

The Desert Protectorate has always led a mission of Divine service, to eradicate the forces of magick from the face of Aetherius. However, as the peoples of this world have grown and changed, so have the ways in which this mission must be carried out. No longer would direct force and holy word turn the wicked from their ways. A new method was required, and from the sands of the Shaahri rose a group of individuals with the skills to turn the tide.

Predators by nature, the Abhaen have taken up the cause of the desert peoples of Antioch, to serve in a secretive capacity, entering into enemy territory to cut at their very hearts. Masters of both misdirection and subterfuge, trained in the ways of Knifeplay and tempered by a religious fervor, these desert rogues act in a number of purposes to better the Protectorate and her Divine mission.

Organization Ranks
1. a Desert Walker
2. a Cutting Edge
3. of the Holy Path
4. a Guardian
5. a Vindicator of Blood
6. a Chill Wind
7. a Sandstorm Blade
8. a Bloodsands Warrior
9. One with the Path
10. a Burning Judge
11. Penumbra of the Dunes
12. a Zealous Shade
13. A Herald of Salvation
14. of the Divine Sitara
15. a Tol'da Master
16. a Timeless Blade
17. a Pure Guard
18. a Reaper of Truth
19. Master of the Holy Path
20. The OrdikaraThe Sentinels 

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The Animists

Class: Druid

In the year 400 AA, after 100 years of living in silence, Lyria crafted a plan to bring Kinsarmar to justice and free them from their bondage to the Empire of Stavenn. Sometime after Lyria fled Kinsarmar, she encountered a group living in the deep forest, to whom she pleaded to aide her in freeing her home, warning those of the forest that they could be next. A small group of Druids, led by a woman named Elioclya, the Augur, approached Lyria and spoke to her of their desire to be a part of civilization, binding the knowledge of the city with the lore of Nature.

The aid of these people helped Lyria and her city greatly. As the Stavenn troops were marching through the forest on their way to Kinsarmar, they were suddenly attacked by a stunning magickal force that seemed to bring the forest to life. The Imperial soldiers were attacked by trees that seemed to think and act on their own consciousness. As the Stavennites fought in vain against the encroaching forest, nature rose up against the Imperial Army to quench their hostile invasion. They did not know it at the time, but this magick was the art carefully honed by the Animists.

With the disappearance of their elders a new generation took charge of the Animists guild and a period of reform was born. While some of the knowledge, rituals and ways of the past were lost, they forged ahead creating a new path, a mixture of the new ideas with the old to a time, where Animism was seen as a philosophical or spiritual idea that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in other animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment. The animists strive to always remember that they are on a roughly equal footing with the other animals, plants, and natural forces. The Animists form a deeper bond with some of the animal spirits, taking on some of their characteristics and thoughts.

Organization Ranks
1. a Nwyfre
2. an Uranach Minoris
3. an Uranach Major
4. an Augur of Paths
5. a Practitioner of the Circle
6. a Cord of the Grove
7. an Ovate Druid
8. a Servant of the Otherworld
9. a Theurgist
10. an Invoker of Spirits
11. a Grand Druid
12. the Sunwise of Nature
13. a Sage of the Otherworld
14. a Heirophant Druid
15. of the High Council of Seven
16. an Oracle of Nature
17. the Scythe Against Desecration
18. a Master of the Fifth Element
19. an Animist Elder
20. the Presba Animismus

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The Ansheri

Class: Amazon

After the disarray that came with the end of the Ilaferi at the hands of the weak, a small tribe of Amazonian women observed the follies of the elder tribe and wandered off to find their home in the frozen Pines of Ithaqua. With time, they came together as a tribe and named themselves the Ansheri, a term of old for a noble and respectable woman. An Ansheri is a huntress, desiring the close kinship with their sisters over the frivolities of life. Courage, strength, honesty, and intelligence are what make the Ansheri what they are. They are women of excellence - holding themselves to higher standards so that they might live as examples for all women. Those things along with their fierce determination and guidance of their Keh'ulani spirits will help them push forward to a strong future. Magick, demons, and weakness are their enemies - using whatever abilities and strength they possess to see to their end. They rely on each other more then anything else, seeking to strengthen each other and push the bonds between them all to be deeper than the ties of any bloodline. They welcome any woman to try their hand at becoming one of their blood-bound sisters, but be warned - those that find themselves lacking will quickly find that the Ansheri have no qualms about tossing one not worthy to the wolves.

Organization Ranks
1. an Oathtaker
2. an Eternally Bound Sister
3. a Daughter of the Blood
4. a Seeker of Kish'nar
5. Defender of Snow and Sand
6. a Protector of the Tribe
7. a Frozen Flame
8. a Savant of Patience
9. a Searing Mark
10. The Heart of a Sister
11. An Ardent An'sheri
12. A Fierce Shieldmaiden
13. an Adversary of Magick
14. a Tribal Priestess
15. a Valkyrie
16. The Crystehl Javelin
17. a Tribal Huntress
18. a Faythful Watcher
19. a Matriarch
20. Tribal Mother

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The Bards

Class: Bard

Born from the people's love of music, the first bards travelled far and wide, carrying tales of history and heroes, news and knowledge, entertaining and informing all with their songs, sketches and performances. They varied from the Court Bard who sang of kings, to the travelling Troubadour who often sang for her supper.

After the Awakening, the Bards slowly found themselves discovering fragments of a lost song, each hearing a word or note, carrying exquisite harmony itself, yet incomplete. Pursuing these, they banded slowly together and discovered that they were hearing the Song of the World, sung at the time of the world's creation in the Ancient Tongue, which speaks directly to the very soul that somehow had been Awakened itself. Over time, these individuals noticed that properly combining words and fragments of the Language could alter reality itself, allowing them to weave mighty powers with their arts. Embracing the arts of Voice, Thespia, and Artistry, they sought to maintain their traditions of spreading tales and songs, seeking out both new fragments, and new tales.

Their old welcoming by many allowed their developing powers to be considered merely an extension of their music, and thus Bards are still welcome in countless places, as of old. However, there is an ancient saying, to anger a bard is to anger the world. Before the Awakening, it meant more that the bard would spread his anger in his tales, slowly turning others against the one who angered him. Nowadays, perhaps that saying has a more literal and mysterious meaning. Certainly few truly wish to plumb the depths of their power through having it focused upon them. Bound tightly together by love of their arts and histories, they are almost family-like, welcomed and welcoming, yet their power in its height could perhaps change the very world.

Organization Ranks
1. a Journeyman
2. a Troubadour
3. a Bard
4. a Songsmith
5. a Child of Harmony
6. a Speaker of Ancients
7. an Adept of the Voice
8. a Rhythmist
9. a Weaver of Fables
10. an Artist of Souls
11. a Prodigy
12. a Master of Dissonance
13. a Paramour of Lore
14. a Poet Laureate
15. a Singer of Fates
16. a Namer of the Nameless
17. a Prophet of Song
18. a Speaker of the Way
19. a Blessed Voice of Harmony
20. The Soul of Music

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The Crusaders

Class: Priest & Templar

Formed in the year of 661 AD, the Crusaders were born from the merging of the Clerics and the Justicars. These two founding guilds united as one to work together to purify Aetherius of the taint. The Crusaders call upon the holy power of the gods to lead them in their fight against those who practice foul magicks.

Although many choose to fight the taint with their swords and maces, missionary work is just as vital to achieving the goals of the guild. Spreading the word and belief of the divine, as well as showing their strength by healing the sick and defending the weak.

Crusaders will find an unique mix of skills available to them. They can choose to do battle with steel, swords, and shields, with a trusty falcon by their side or choose to work with spiritual maces and holy seraphs. With their devotion to purity and to the Gods, they also wreak fearsome and wondrous miracles that ensnare their foes and guard the faithful.

The Antiochian Protectorate will forever be home to these faithful Crusaders, where they will strive to protect their home from the spread of evil and dangerous foes.

Organization Ranks
1. A Child of the Crusades
2. A Seeker of Purity
3. An Aspirant Crusader
4. A Dedicant
5. A Visionary
6. An Acolyte
7. A Missionary
8. A Preacher
9. A Samaritan
10. A Holy Crusader
11. A Purveyor of Devotion
12. A Follower of the Divine
13. A Beholder of Sanctity
14. A Servant of the Pantheon
15. A Bringer of the Word
16. A Disciple of Truth
17. A Messenger of Purity
18. A Paradigm of Faith
19. A Blessed Advisor
20. The Righteous Hand

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The Dunestriders

Class: Outrider

To those that know how to look for it, the deserts are full of wildlife. The sands of the Shaahri are lush with a multitude of plants and animals that call the brutal region home. In taking advantage of these natural surroundings, one requires an uncommon dedication to the skills of survival and hunting. The desert is not a kind place to live, and the foolish who travel there unprepared meet with a swift demise.

Formed from a remnant sect of rogue Hunters that chose to lead lives without Magick, the Dunestriders have spawned their existence against immense adversity. This fellowship now calls the Shaahri their home, and seeks mastery over this hostile terrain. Based within the great city of Antioch, they act as guides and aid in the defense of the sands. Charged with keeping the natural world around their home free of the taint of magick, and eliminating any threat that may seek to do it harm. They have taken it upon themselves to protect their desert refuge, and further its Anti-Magick heritage.

Utilizing the skills of Bonding, Hunting, and Trailblazing these individuals personally endeavor to end the Taint poisoning Aetherius. Their triad of abilities allows them to maneuver about the lands and create bonds with the animals of the wilderness. Through the powers of the Gods, the Dunestriders are able to harness the spirit of many of their animal friends. This allows them to utilize the powers of the animal spirits they bond with - ranging from the friendly squirrel to the mystical Wyvern. Gleaning an understanding of hunting, the Dunestriders have the ability to lay intricate traps designed to ensnare, or afflict their enemies. They also have the ability to summon a brigand of animals as a loyal entourage, who, through their affinity with the companions, perform a myriad of tasks for their tamers. Finally, the ability of Trailblazing allows these Dunestriders to truly bond with the wilderness- affording them a means to combat demons, create toxins or concoctions, and better observe Aetherius.

Organization Ranks
1. a Sand Scout
2. a Locust Hunter
3. a Dunestrider
4. a Shining Grain
5. a Shaahri Ranger
6. a Sand Scarab
7. of the Red Sands
8. an Arid Apostle
9. a Desert Tempest
10. a Shifting Mirage
11. of the Blessed Rainfall
12. of the Shimmering Heat
13. a Sabhka
14. of the Undulating Sands
15. a Water Tracker
16. of a Scorpion's Sting
17. a Dune Walker
18. a Shade Seeker
19. of the Desert's Breadth
20. The Vernal Sun

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The Frostbringers

Class: Outrider

We are the Shamans of the Iron Wood. We are wise, stealthy, and untamed. We have grown and adapted to the frozen forests, and thus have devoted ourselves to protecting the woodlands and the council within it. We listen to the spirits, we honour the ancestors, and read the omens that emerge from the world around us. The Frostbingers are the heart of the North.

The true essence of a Frostbinger is unparalleled, raw independence. We boldly prowl the vast lands of Aetherius seeking a better understanding and further enlightenment of the world around us through contact with the spirits. Residing in the northern forests of Ithaqua, we Frostbingers live a life unconfined and united with nature. Magick is shunned within our community, for it is considered to be a crutch for the weak and destructive to the very woods we protect. We fight using the experience obtained from life in the woodlands and with the powerful spirits of our animal comrades.

Endowed with the skills of hunting, bonding, and trailblazing, the Frostbringers are experts in the natural environment. Bonding enables us to connect with the spirits of various animals, allowing us to use their powers to aide us in combat. Hunting allows us to summon animal guardians, set traps for our adversaries, and be able to use weapons in battle. Trailblazing provides us with various survival skills and defenses. This allows us to travel for days on end, relying on our intuitive instincts and on the wilderness to sustain us.

This is how we exist, as nature intended.

Organization Ranks
1. a Scout
2. a Forager
3. a Frostbringer
4. a Trickster
5. a Friend of the Spirits
6. an Ambusher
7. a Windcatcher
8. a Blood Tracker
9. a Pursuer of Rage
10. an Astral Walker
11. an Ally of the Wendigo
12. a Ballat of the Ancients
13. an Arctic Wolf
14. a Sprinter in the Pines
15. a Warder of the Gyanis
16. a Keeper of the Pines
17. a Stalker of the Wood
18. Voice of the Ancients
19. Voice of the Spirits
20. Oracle of the Ancients

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The Hunters

Class: Hunter

The Hunters are a sect of people who found discontent with the demands of urban life and longed for the more wild side of life. The Hunters are those who have found themselves best suited for a life of freedom, where they can move like the breath of the Wind. They have found that their shelter and love stems from the forests and hills of Imperian. They are the tradesmen of Nature, trapping and hunting to support their lifestyle. They hold the life of every plant and animal sacred, paying deep respect to those that give their lives for the sake of the Hunters' survival. The members of this guild have learned lands of Imperian perfectly, being wonderful guides for those who would happen to get lost in their surrounding environment, should they feel in the mood to provide such assistance.

Upon exploring deep within the Western Celidon Forest, the Hunters discovered a peak rising between the trees. They fondly named this natural wonder Phoenix Crest, since the peak seems to alight with fire as the blazing sun rises and sets behind it. Within Phoenix Crest is a maze of caves that were converted into the perfect living quarters and now serves as a base for the Hunters. Over time, they have settled enough to watch their community flourish and grow, though that wild spirit will never leave their souls.

The skill of Bonding offers them great strength through the bonds created with the fauna, which they rely on in their daily lives. Through the power of Hunting, the Hunters can create elaborate traps to catch their prey as well as gain the aid of several familiars. And finally, they are gifted with the skill of Trailblazing to supplement the often dangerous path that they embark on in their daily lives.

Organization Ranks
1. a Tenderfoot
2. a Forester
3. a Stargazer
4. a Wanderer
5. a Heart of the Fawn
6. a Frontiersman
7. a Mountaineer
8. a Marksman
9. a Nature Strider
10. a Soul of the Earth
11. a Spirit of the Hawk
12. a Spirit of the Wolf
13. a Spirit of the Bear
14. a Supplicant of the Wood
15. a Tamer of the Feral Lands
16. a Woodland Warrior
17. a Veteran Hunter
18. a Grand Archer
19. a Master of the Hunt
20. Great Ranger of the Heartlands

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The Idras

Class: Predator

In the year 435 AD, surviving Phantoms, once believed to have been slain
in the infamous Night of Sabotage, re-emerged in the frozen wastes of
the Gyanis snowfield as the Idras. Over the next 100 years they lived as
mercenaries, trading their abilities in death-dealing for coin while
carrying out a personal war against the Saboteurs who wronged them so
long ago.

Unfortunately, changes in the political structure of the realm gradually
phased out the practicality of a guild of killers for hire. This,
coupled with the easy access to assassination contracts for any who seek
it led to a period of stagnation in the guild. In 543 AD the sitting
Feyn-al-Dracar, with the aide of the Idrasi Council, came together and
brought forth sweeping changes to the guild, dedicating the Idrasi to
the defense of Ithaqua as a formal military organization.

These soldiers of the north use their skills in the complex art of
Knifeplay to bring an agonizing death to those who would threaten their
home while their abilities in Predation help them to survive in climates
that would kill lesser men and offer a few interesting alternatives to
dispatching a foe. Their skill in toxins lets them brew debilitating
concoctions to envenom on their knives, or thin them out in order to
supply their fellow warriors in other professions.

Organization Ranks
1. an Idrasi Postulant
2. a Frostchild
3. an Attendant to the Sanctuary
4. a Snowstrider
5. a Quickblade
6. a Bone Carver
7. an Idrasi Scout
8. of the Windward Face
9. a Venerable Wolfrider
10. of the Ivory Sitara
11. of the Gyanis Snowfields
12. a Vagrant Blade
13. a Phantom of the Snowdunes
14. of the Hidden Vanguard
15. Wolven
16. an Iceblade of Ithaqua
17. a Suspiran Apprentice
18. of the Crimson Frost
19. Kin of the Dire Wolf
20. the Feyn-al-Dracar

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The Lorekeepers

Class: Runeguard

Born from the fires of the orc hordes and the blood of demons, the Lorekeepers are known to place honour, knowledge, and the protection of their beloved home above all else.

Through the practice of chivalry, they learn the art of the blade, the care of their kestrel, and the knowledge of honourable combat. With smithing, they forge the very tools of their deadly combative art. The armour and blades then enhanced and refined with the most mysterious and powerful of their skills, Runelore.

By crafting Runes with ink, the Lorekeepers can alter reality to match their will. With this skill they can create burning blades, magick proof armour, even the ability to resist death itself. The lore surrounding these arts are mysteries to but a few. It is a skill both to be respected and feared, for they make formidable allies and deadly enemies. Gifting you with both the protection and power of their arts, or freezing the very soul of their foes. To blacken the honour of a Lorekeeper is to invite death itself.

Organization Ranks
1. a Protector of the Homeland
2. a Steadfast Custodian of Magick
3. a Sentry of Honour
4. a Champion of the Arcane
5. a Keeper of the Vigil
6. a Guardian of Courage
7. a Protector of the Code
8. a Ward of the Vardarians
9. a Royal Highguard
10. a Marshal of the Arcane
11. a Champion of the Chain
12. an Arcane Myrmidon
13. a Runed Veteran
14. a Herald of Arms
15. a Soul of the Blade
16. a Fulcrum of Knowledge
17. a Champion of the Art
18. a Valiant Defender of the Keep
19. a Bastion of Chivalry
20. Artisan of Lore and Steel

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The Mages

Class: Mage

Born of the study of the essences released by the Awakening itself, the guild of the Mages was formed in the year 450AA, under the ambitious leadership of Darrin. Having first learned their skills of Magick from the Elves, the Mages have since gained an even stronger understanding of its mystic uses and powers.

Through their skills of Elemancy, a Mage may call upon those essences which exist through all creation, and bend them to their desire. With Crystalism, they may call back vibrations in the ether caused by the Awakening, utilising them for their own will. Finally, with the study of Alchemy, the Mages can create powerful enchantments, steeped in magickal energy and designed such that anyone who wishes to do so can wield them.

The Mages remain an integral part of the City of Arts, providing magickal instruction and knowledge to their city mates. Through loyalty, nobility, and tolerance, the Mages continue to flourish and grow, welcoming all those who are interested in pursuing their knowledge in the art of magick.

Organization Ranks
1. an Invoker of the Earth
2. a Child of the Flame
3. a Warden of Waves
4. a Scryer of Winds
5. a Nexus of Simultaneity
6. an Elemental Enchanter
7. a Crystallised Soul
8. a Catcher of Dreams
9. an Illusionary Maestro
10. an Archmage Ascendant
11. a Supplicant of the Master
12. an Elemental Dedicate
13. a Weaver of the Ether
14. a Commander of the Weird
15. an Enchanter of the Mind
16. a Totem of Elemental Clarity
17. a Ward of the Efreeti
18. an Invocator of the Art
19. a Magus Adepti
20. The Quinta Essentia

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The Noctusari

Class: Summoner

At the moment of the Great Awakening, the Noctusari were nothing more than those who had become attuned to their darker sides. When magick swept through the land it was only natural that these same few would take advantage of this new force. Thus the dark arts were founded. Following the demon invasion, the Noctusari were simultaneously respected and feared for the potential their new power held. The elite Noctusari banded together under the wisdom of Gazali, and new members were found.

Unknown to many, the Noctusari wrangled their way into political power within Stavenn following the burning years. Under their leadership, the city became a major presence in the lands. They continued to rule Stavenn for 1000 years, when through arrogance, the Noctusari enacted a secret rite within the city that one Asa Grady had the misfortune to witness. A second era of burnings, fueled by a distrust for the dark magicks, began.

After the Stavenn - Noctusari war, many were weary and chose time to reflect. A new age has since dawned, which heralds a new bond between city and guild under the continued worship of Death. The strength of this unity cannot rule over the loyalty each Noctusari has to their guild, but has thus far been enough to hold sway.

Organization Ranks
1. an Initiate
2. a Dark Ember
3. a Noctusari
4. a Syr-Karabal
5. a Subjugator of Demons
6. an Astrologer
7. a Diviner of Aurae
8. a Blood Ritualist
9. a Daemun Krol-Morkal
10. of the Ayasha Fold
11. a Master Summoner
12. a Child of Wrath
13. a Demonic Instigator
14. a Sanguinary Thaumaturge
15. of the Dark Council
16. a Demon Agent
17. a High Ritualist
18. of the Cult of Flames
19. of the Astral Superiors
20. The Singularity

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The Revenants

Class: Diabolist & Deathknight

In the year 665 AD, a great confluence of the Diavlous Army and the Malignist's guild was called. Responding to the tumultuous times within the Stavennite Empire and the great changes throughout Aetherius, a formal agreement was written into existence. This agreement resolved itself with the formation of the Revenants Guild.

The Revenants agreed to follow one route to greatness, this path focusing on three ideals; a steadfast devotion to the preservation of demonic arts, rigorous pursuit of Necromancy as a deathly science, and militaristic intent.

Whether walking the path of the Deathknight - combating heresy, lies and ignorance with a sharp blade in one hand, a shield in the other; calling upon an arsenal of death magick, rigorous training and a fearsome hound or finding a place within the Empire as a Diabolist - dealing with the unknowable fiends within the Pit, channelling your will into your foes and their signature knowledge of the necromantic magicks - the Revenant knows one thing, their victories may be great, but their war will never be over.

Organization Ranks
1. an Initiate
2. an Acolyte
3. a Wraith
4. a Lich
5. Revenant
6. a Reaver of Souls
7. a Knight of Terror
8. a Dread Knight
9. an Overlord of Decimation
10. a Vessel of Fury
11. an Extractor of Vengeance
12. a Destroyer of Honour
13. a Catalyst of Destruction
14. an Enforcer of the Will
15. Bane of Weakness
16. a Maelstrom of Malevolence
17. a Purveyor of Malice
18. a Grand Strategist
19. on the Council of Shades
20. Arch-Wight

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The Saboteurs

Class: Assassin

Rising out of the remains of the Phantoms, the Saboteurs were founded by a prominent Phantom named Insidian. The Phantoms were Kinsarmar's early attempt at an espionage organization, a guild destroyed by faction politics. In what came to be known as the Night of Sabotage, Insidian's faction killed off the main faction of Phantoms, and founded his own guild, the Saboteurs, around the year 1415. From the Phantoms they took the arts of Sabotage, and combined them with the new methods of Hypnosis, which were more pioneered by their founder, Insidian. Through their studies in Spatium, they are capable of manipulating the space itself by carving dimensional wormholes. Using these pernicious skills, they manipulate unsuspecting victims, and bring terror and death to their enemies. The Saboteurs are a notoriously secretive group. Their secrets are fiercely guarded by guild elders, and their machinations are unknown.

Organization Ranks
1. an Aspirant of Night
2. a Growing Darkness
3. a Shadow
4. a Whisper
5. an Assassin
6. a Backstabber
7. a Nightstalker
8. a Ghost
9. a Silent Death
10. a Wraith
11. an Eye of Night
12. a Manipulator
13. an Illusionist
14. a Demontongue
15. a Stygian Shadow
16. a Stygian Wraith
17. a Stygian Demon
18. Keeper of Kismet
19. on the Council of Ragnarok
20. the Crux Shade

The Silvari

Class: Druid

As the years became decades, the group of Druids known as the Arboreals began to change. Some felt that these changes were beginning to draw the guild away from that which they swore to cherish and maintain with politics and personal advancement seemingly taking precedence over the tending of the Wilds. Factions began to appear within the guild, when the order came from above for the removal of all Druids who made their home in Celidon Council. Strong in their resolve, the group refused the demand to abandon their home and kin and stood in defiance against the order, the consequences being their removal from the guild.

Without a guild to house them, they began to lose direction, wandering aimlessly about the lands whilst searching for answers from the land and the spirits. Within the caverns of Celidon, the home that had always welcomed them with open arms, they began to band together and organize themselves. Free to explore their heritage, they began to look to the past to find their future. They returned to their roots, remembering the true origins of the Druids and the oaths and promises made to the Wild One by the first Druids. With time and Her guidance, they realized their role in nature isn't just physical, but spiritual, too, and began to move in this direction, becoming wiser in the ways of the spirits as well as the traditional values of the Druid. They apply this unique philosophy to all their studies of Bonding, Groves and Naturalism. United they stand together, the Silvari Druids of Celidon.

Organization Ranks
1. Green Thumb
2. Cavern Wisp
3. Dream Child
4. Storm Weaver
5. Protector of the Wilds
6. Woodland Sage
7. Tender of the Forests
8. Applicant of the Thorn
9. Wind Whisperer
10. Nature's Tempest
11. Scholar of the Vine
12. Lightning's Strike
13. Rain Dancer
14. Caller of the Spirits
15. Eye of the Storm
16. Wind's Howl
17. Wild Warrior
18. Verdant Veteran
19. Guardian of the Elmwood
20. The Sacred Guide

The Spectres

Class: Renegade

The modern political stage is far more involved than the one facing the original Phantoms many generations ago. The world has grown and Stavenn is no longer the only threat facing the people of Kinsarmar. Numerous foes battle to scour those that embrace the cause of magick from existence. To meet these battles a guild of Spectres has arisen to serve. Possessing the original Phantom ability of Sabotage, along with Spatium and Hypnosis, the Spectres use and manipulates shadows to find and destroy those that would hide among them. The guild tirelessly seeks out and pursues their enemies, discovering secrets and bringing swift death to those that bring harm upon their city and allies. Their loyalty to the ruler of Kinsarmar is fierce, serving as a private attack force in times of need. The members of this organization also serve as the city's spy network, countering plots wherever they might be laid. The home of the Spectre guild can be seen from a distance as the spiraling marble Ghost Tower that dominates half of Kinsarmar's southern skyline. The constant mists and echoing winds that surround the location pay tribute to the countless years and untold secrets harbored within.

Organization Ranks
1. a Neonate
2. a Ghost
3. a Phantom
4. an Obfuscator
5. an Inveigler
6. an Ordinate
7. A Spectre
8. a Shadowed Cobra
9. an Archon of the Highlands
10. a Shadow of the Arcane
11. a Destroyer of Lies
12. a Death's Agent
13. a Shadow Stalker
14. a Nightwatch Archon
15. a Spymaster
16. a Hidden Retainer
17. a Retainer of the Tower
18. a Sentinel of the Tower
19. an Unsung Hero
20. The Vengeant Eye

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The Stormweavers

Class: Mage

Formed by a group of mages loyal to Celidon during a Triple Eclipse, the Stormweavers were founded under the guidance of Aakrin Krax'ai in the year 524 AD. While sharing the talents of their city brethren, the Stormweavers had a deeper bond with the Wilds and wished to study the elements according to their own tenets.

Perhaps most useful to their everyday life, the Stormweavers use their skills in Elemancy to weave the elements in support of their studies. Their skill in Crystalism allows them to call helpful, and harmful vibrations forth to aide in the defense of Celidon during times of turmoil. Ever curious in their surroundings and the affects of the elements they also study the art of Alchemy, bringing minor use of Magicks to their fellows in the Wilds.

While studies of the elements and their affects when weaved in new ways is their first goal, the Stormweavers are ever diligent and watchful for those who might invade or harm the Wilds. Keeping in mind the time of their founding, combat training is a constant part of their lives in Celidon.

Organization Ranks
1. an Earth Weaver
2. a Water Weaver
3. an Air Weaver
4. a Fire Weaver
5. an Elementalist
6. an Earthquake
7. a Tsunami
8. a Tornado
9. an Inferno
10. an Arcanist
11. a Geomancer
12. a Waterwalker
13. a Windbender
14. a Firestorm
15. a Stormcaller
16. an Astralist
17. an Etherealist
18. an Arc Weaver
19. an Archmage
20. The Lord of Storm's Reach

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The Taekyon

Class: Monk

By twelve hundred and eight years after The Awakening the city of Antioch had become quite developed. Many Clerics began to feel as though the city was focusing too much on their conflict with the Stavennites and not enough on self-fulfillment in service to the Divine. After several years of trying to affect change from within the Guild a small group, led by Rymon Yilun, left Antioch on a journey of discovery.

They traversed the desert for two months before entering Wadi Manoa the Paran Mountains to the south of the Shaahri desert. As they climbed upwards the mountain walls on either side of the dry riverbed grew taller and they noticed caves along the top of the walls. They sent a few scouts to explore the caves and found that they were actually connected to each other deep within the heart of the mountain. It is here that they founded the Monastery of Manoa and the Guild of Taekyon.

Once the Monastery was established, the Taekyon abandoned the knowledge of the Clerics. Through meditation and observing their surroundings they developed the new disciplines of Taekate, Telepathy and Kaido. While the Taekyon have traditionally kept to themselves they have maintained loose ties to Antioch and have traditionally been granted the same rights as citizens of Antioch. In times of trouble the Taekyon aid Antioch but retreat to their mountain meditations the moment the battle is over.

Organization Ranks
1. a Pupil of Yilun
2. an Equine Study
3. a Manoan Apostle
4. an Avian Diligent
5. a Master of Manoa
6. a Sudden Strike
7. a Sandstone Fist
8. a Bloodstone Foot
9. of Feline Grace
10. a Sandstorm
11. an Unflinching Gaze
12. an Ursine Protector
13. a Focused Momentum
14. a Sublime Monastic
15. a Silent Blow
16. a Furious Guard
17. a Disarming Intent
18. a Crushing Force
19. a Venerated Master
20. Grandmaster of Manoa

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The Tzolkin

Class: Wytch

It was in the year 667 that a great meeting was held between the leaders of the Wytchen and the Limorasi. After nearly two centuries of hostilities, an accord was met - the perpetuation of shamanism and the preservation of the demonic arts set above all else. In this, the Tzolkin forged a path which their forefathers would never have dared tread, renouncing the spirits that had once set them to their brethren's throats in a ritual of death and battle of fearless will. No more would these shamans be but pawns in the Netherworld's endless war.

When machinations of this ritual were heard, the Dryad and the Hanged Man rose to lend fuel to the fire of a mortal rebellion, sending whisperings to the ears of those who would listen that they could offer purpose and glory - the glory of demonic councils and cities awoken to the world through the guidance of blood. In those quiet tendrils of whisper, the Tzolkin arose to direct that life and will its true potential into a sole purpose: the perpetuation and power of their homeland.

Lending reverence to the Dryad and the Hanged Man, the Tzolkin exist to direct demonic spirits, holding their wards with honor while unleashing them upon Aetherius with malintent. To cross a shaman of the Tzolkin is to suffer the wrath of these spirits, with practicioners bringing curses, shamanism, and the very magicks of the earth through runelore, to swiftly and decisively direct the flow of blood - the flow of life.

Organization Ranks
1. a Nameless Day
2. a Gnomon
3. a Bonecaster
4. Bonecrusher
5. a Tzolkin
6. Of the Painted Body
7. Of the Painted Eye
8. Of the Painted Mind
9. An Empyrios
10. an Eater of the Dead
11. a Cursed Shaman
12. a Spiritbreaker
13. a Sower of Discord
14. of the Blackened Flame
15. a Merciless Oracle
16. of the Black Sun
17. of the Eclipse
18. Blessed by Sukhder
19. a Devil Chieftain
20. the Hierarch

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The Wardancers

Class: Wardancer

A glimmer of light in the distant desert is often all one notices of an advancing Wardancer. When observing the skillful and precise movement of a Wardancer practicing his craft, people often forget that they are watching a fierce fighter and not a beautiful dancer. This ability to cause people to stand jaw dropped in awe is used to their advantage as they take over the very minds of their observers.

The practice of Wardancing can be traced back to the late 13th century, before the Demon Incursions. It is said that as the warriors of Antioch would practice their swordsmanship in the surrounding desert they became enthralled with the lithe, quick movements of the lizards. They began to imitate the lizards and found that as these movements became second nature they were much more capable of controlling their thoughts and planning their attacks.

In 1467 an Antioch Akrabi named Srifat Midbere was practicing his craft in the desert when a sudden sand storm blew up. Midbere was buried under the hot sand for three days. Afflicted with heatstroke he became delusional and began to have visions of an army of warriors in gold armour and wielding golden sabres marching through the desert. Not only were they using their swords to attack their enemies but they were able to control their mind power in ways that he did not yet understand. Eventually the sands shifted and Midbere was uncovered. He lay unconscious in the desert heat until a trader's caravan happened upon him. En route to Antioch they took him with. While being nursed back to health he began to tell his friends about the visions he'd had. On the 10th day of the month of Solis, he called together his fellow warriors and founded the guild of Wardancers.

Midbere divided his understanding of combat into three disciplines: Bladedance, Shielddance and Wardance. Through Bladedance the Wardancers command unparalleled control of the one-handed blade. Shielddance enables them to use their shields in ways known only to them. While their most complex of skills, Wardance, requires grace achieved only through many years of practice and enables them to combine their entire skillset in ways that often surprise the Gods themselves.

Organization Ranks
1. a Zealous Recruit
2. Aspirant of the Blade
3. a Wardancer
4. a Stalwart Shield
5. an Exalted Dancer
6. a Defender of Purity
7. a Mirage in the Desert
8. the Shield of the Righteous
9. an Aspirant to Battle
10. a Lower Shuran Council Member
11. High Blade of the Indignant
12. a Whirling Dervish
13. a Blessed Blade of Faith
14. a Painted Desert Soldier
15. a Master of the Dance
16. an Anointed Warrior
17. a Mirage in the Dunes
18. an Ardent Fire Dancer
19. a Higher Shuran Council Member
20. the Emir of the Dance

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The Wardens

Class: Warden

We are the knights of the road. We are the vagabond kings. Where falls a leaf there falls our footstep. Where is cast a shadow, there we have rested in the shade.

A Warden is a wanderer, a wayfarer. He is an explorer, a sojourner. Fiercely proud and loyal to his brothers, he is a member of a fraternal order of trackers and rangers. Sunken into the northern reaches of the Ithaqua, the Black Keep houses the scholarship and warrior's skills of the Warden. There they train in the frozen pines, practicing with glaive and bow, with wood and tinder, to hone the art of the woodsman.

Magick is forbidden to them, they rely on themselves and on the land, and on each other. The Ithaqua forest has raised them, and they have seen the fires of the land scourge their home, set free from magick's mercurial and unpredictable nature.

The Wardens were founded in modern history by Harker, learning the once forgotten skills from the Wendigo, spirit of the Ithaqua. The Wendigo called for aid to the wood, when rifts in the world were freeing demons into the wilds. The Wardens, once a strong force against such beasts, were needed and had been lost. Harker heard the call and answered, and bore an ancient weapon to seal the hellish rifts. Having done so, he was charged with the formation of the Wardens.

That is what we ward. The world itself.

The Wardens were founded on the 25th day of Halitus, in the year 434 AD.

Organization Ranks
1. a Greenhorn
2. a Crimson Spark
3. a Frontiersman
4. a Torchslinger
5. a Fire Stoker
6. of the Windstorm
7. a Glaivekeeper
8. a Sealer of Sortilege
9. a Verdant Ire
10. a Black Wood Savage
11. a Trailkeeper
12. an Ironwood Sentinel
13. a Windweaver
14. a Greycloak
15. a Black Pines Dragoon
16. a Huntleader
17. a Stormcrow
18. a Watchman of the Pines
19. in the Brotherhood of the Wendigo
20. the Fury of the Black Wood

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