Gods of Imperian

The gods in Imperian are powerful, enigmatic beings. They exist for their own reasons and their existence cannot be denied. You are well-advised to pay them the respect they are due. Unlike in many worlds, Imperian's gods are played by individual human beings. They regularly interact with their worshippers, and provide guidance and advice. Though they rarely directly interfere, when they do, it is always with dramatic implications.

Each of the gods has a Divine Order. Joining a god's congregation or order is a way of actively declaring your faith and loyalty to that god, and a pledging of support to that deity's cause. Being in an Order is an integral part of many Imperian players' lives, and some find membership and participation in the activities of the Order to be the most rewarding aspect of their existence. It should be noted that each of the Divine Ones has their own goals and their own distinct methods of accomplishing them, but they nearly always act through mortal agents, rather than acting directly.


Offerings are the major way in which you as a devoted follower may gain your god essence. Many things that a Divinity might do cost He or She essence. In order to offer to your god, you must first find a location in which a shrine to that god has been erected.

Once you have done that, you must choose what to offer. You may offer gold or dead things. Be warned that offering gold will automatically offer all the gold in your hands. Simply type OFFER <offering> and you will send your offering winging its way to your beloved patron, who will be notified of your offering.


As you wander about the land, you will undoubtedly encounter shrines to various Gods. These shrines have been erected by highly-ranked followers of gods as testaments to the glory of their god or goddess, and in order to provide more offering points for followers.

Shrines can be used to call forth various miracles, ranging from divine sustenance and healing to travelling and a powerful 'worldburn' effect which sears the very souls of enemies of the Order.

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The Gods