Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.


Guides are characters who exist solely to help newbies. Our Guides are named Aoede, Melete, and Mneme, and if they are online you can see their names in bright yellow by typing in BW/QW or WHO (provided you have ansi turned on).

If you are a newbie, feel free to call on them for help whenever you please,
either by speaking on the newbie channel or by asking them directly via tell.

If you are interested in helping Imperian's newbies as a guide, please send an
e-mail to Please include the following information in your

1) All of your character(s) name(s) - Denote your main character.
2) Your real-life date of birth.
3) How many hours a week you'd be willing to put in as a guide and the time of
day (in GMT) you'd generally be available to guide. We're looking to select
guides from a wide range of timezones.
4) A paragraph on what qualities you possess that would make you a good guide.

You may speak on the newbie channel by typing NEWBIE <your text>.