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Concoctions is the art of combining knowledge of various plants and other ingredients with a bit of earthly know-how. The result is a series of concoctions with various purposes, ranging from healing, to levitation, to protection against certain types of damage.

Before you can make any concoctions, you must go out and harvest the ingredients or, in a few cases, collect or purchase them. HELP HARVESTING will explain how to gather the herbs needed for your concoctions.

Initially, you will only be able to make elixirs. To make an elixir, you will first have to obtain an oaken pot. Then, you will collect the proper ingredients for what you are trying to concoct, and INPOT <ingredient> TO <pot>, or INPOT <#> <ingredient> TO <pot> for each ingredient. Simply multiply the number of each ingredient by the number of batches you want.

Once you have all the ingredients in the oaken pot, BOIL <pot> FOR <elixir>. You will end up with either a useless mess or an elixir. If it is a useless mess, you will want to EMPTY <pot> before putting anything else in it. Probing your pot will give you this information. If you were successful, you may FILL <vial> FROM <pot>.

You can also use BOIL <pot> FOR <amount> ELIXIR to largely automate the entire process - this command will automatically place whatever is needed to create the requested number of batches, provided you have all the ingredients available. Note that you still need to place the gold for the restoration elixir yourself.