Firefox Toolbar

Achaea Text Game ToolbarImperian maintains a Firefox toolbar extension for the IRE text games. The toolbar allows access to character information from the game including messages, news, logs, players online, and more. This toolbar hosts the following features for authenticated game players.

  • Users can log into the toolbar with their character credentials.
  • Links to their characters in game profile.
  • Reports the number of unread messages from the game and allows users to read them from the web site.
  • Reports when new game news has been posted on a board the character has access to.
  • Reports when an update has been made to a game log and allows the user to access them.
  • Displays the number of online players in the characters text game.
  • Displays the game feed for the authenticated character.
  • The items displayed in the game feed may be configured. For example, maybe you only want to see player deaths, or new arena events from the game.
  • Links to the flash and nexus clients, allowing the user to login instantly from the toolbar.
  • A nifty button that instantly votes for your favorite text game.
  • A configuration page that allows the user to set exactly which buttons and items display on the toolbar.
  • Users can configure if they would like the toolbar to open links in a new tab or the currently active tab.


Where can I find the Firefox Toolbar Add-on?

You can download the Firefox text game add-on from the Mozilla site by going here:

To install the add-on, just click on the 'Download' button and then click 'Install'. Make sure you are using the Firefox browser, or you will not be able to install the toolbar.


How do I use the Add-on?

Once you have the add-on for the IRE games installed, a login bar should appear beneath the main toolbar in your Firefox browser as show in the following image.

Iron Realms Toolbar Login

To login, just select your game and enter your character name and password to login. Once you are logged in, it should automatically display all of your in game information.


How do I configure the Add-on settings?

The Iron Realms game toolbar allows you to configure exactly what you would like displayed, what info shows in your game feed, and what happens when you click on the link in the extension. 

Configuring the various settings for the toolbar is simple, just follow the step by step instructions below.


Step One

Click on 'Tools' and then 'Add-ons' in the Firefox menu, which is located at the top of the browser. 

Iron Realms Toolbar Login

Step Two

Select the 'Iron Realms' add-on and then click on the options button.

Iron Realms Toolbar Login


Step Three

There are three tabs in the settings dialog that will allow you to edit most aspects of the toolbar. Configure the options as you like and then select OK and the bottom to save you settings. These settings are explained below.


Settings Options


There is currently only one option here. By default, the toolbar will open anything you click on in a new Firefox tab. This is to help keep you from accidentally logging yourself out if you are currently playing the text game in the Firefox browser. If you want to have the toolbar open up in the current tab, uncheck the box on this page.

Iron Realms Toolbar Login


Displayed Buttons

By default the toolbar displays all of the buttons and options. If you want to remove certain buttons or game information from the tool bar, uncheck the options from this page.

Iron Realms Toolbar Displayed Buttons


Event Filtering

This refers to the text game feed and what information is displayed. By default the toolbar will display everything the game pumps out. If you want to remove certain items, uncheck the items from this page.

Iron Realms Toolbar Event Filtering