While in the land of Imperian you will quickly find that you must obtain material wealth, usually in the form of golden sovereigns. There are a number of ways to earn this gold, ranging from hunting and simple quests to producing goods that your fellow Imperian players may find useful.

What follows is a brief list of some methods of earning a living:


The world is full of various creatures that can be hunted for profit! In addition to giving you experience for each kill, most creatures frequently carry some gold as well. This is the most popular form of gold gathering.


There are a multitude of quests available that will pay gold. This gold may range from just 20 or 30, up to thousands. For newbies, we suggest exploring the novice areas (EAST from PORTALS) - Transk, Aradia, Batrisian Outpust, and more, as there are many quests there to provide one with money for a shiny new weapon, or a perhaps a stylish leather backpack.


FIshing is another potentially lucrative career - there is a man near Lake Ildsam who will buy any fish that you catch.


If you have something to sell, you could go about selling it in a number of ways. The first, and simplest way, is simply to ask the people you know if they need to buy what you're selling. Clearly however, this isn't a very efficient way, and you probably don't know enough people to make a living from. You have three major options to reach a larger audience.

The Market Channel

This channel exists for the sole purpose of selling or asking to buy good or services. It is free to use.

Classified ads

These ads are inexpensive to purchase, and can be viewed by anyone. See HELP ADS for details.


Buying a shop requires the most initial investment of these three methods. There are many player shops scatterd throughout the cities and councils. You may sometimes see shops that are closed. This is usually a result of unpaid taxes, resulting in the city closing down the shop. In these cases, it may be possible to purchase the shop from the city. The Chancellor and his aides are responsible for the ships of a city. HELP SHOPKEEPING will provide more extensive information about running a shop.

Trade Skills

So what is it you can sell? The answer will depend quite heavily on your skills. Current trade skills and their requirements are:

Skill Profession Description
Tailoring  Anyone  Make customized clothing for yourself and for sale to others. 
Anyone  Design and construct adventuring necessities for yourself and for sale to others.
Cooking  Anyone  Live the life of a chef, preparing custom and exciting dishes.
Jewelry Anyone 

Create distinctive jewelry to dazzle the world.

Masonry Anyone 

Build statues and other impressive monuments.

Metalworking Anyone 

Craft practical and decorative items from metal. Smiths can use their Metalworking skill to customise their weapons.

Libations Anyone 

Brew various alcoholic drinks to entertain your friends, or send them under the table in delirious stupor.

Toxins Anyone Prepare a wide variety of toxins from poisonous venom sacs, and sell them to weapon and trap users.
Concoctions  Anyone Harvest a variety of herbs and roots that can be eaten, smoked, and mixed together into various concoctions


Create a selection of armour and weapons, slaving away at the forge. Then enhance them with special effects.
Alchemy Magi Using magickal rituals and cauldrons, create magickal items, or enchant existing ones.

More tradeskills, both dependent on class and indepdenent of class will be implemented in the near future.

Vermin Hunting

Imperian's cities and councils are quite plagued with vermin. These disease-ridden creatures live off the detritus of civilization, prowling the streets and the sewers in large numbers. Each city and council hosts a collector who will pay you for the corpses of these vermin. If you need a small sum of gold quickly and don't know any profitable quests yet, this is probably the easiest way.

Vermin hunting is described in a separate help file.

These are not the only ways of earning money in Imperian. We will leave it to you to discover the full range of possibilities.