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Why a MUD Ranks #1 On My List of Free to Play MMOs.

Last weekend I was looking for a different type of action RPG, preferably free to play. I wanted something simpler, and more personal. In basic terms, I wanted a free RPG that would feel more like tabletop D&D only through my computer. Imperian gave me all that, and a lot more!

I'm Glad I Found This Free RPG Gem!

After spending over $50 on a single video game, just a few weeks later I was now ready for something new. It was time for a free action RPG that would fill all the voids created by the other games.

Almost Passed It Over, But Now I'm Hooked On This Epic RPG.

When a friend invited me to play Imperian, initially I said no. I’d tried a MUD before - it was run by a hobbyist out of his basement. Because Imperian was a free to play RPG, I finally said yes to my friend, and boy was I glad that I did!